The Miscellany Crossword: “Intentional”


  1. “You ___ not pass!”
  2. Opera star
  3. Meticulous
  4. Unsettling
  5. Thoroughfare
  6. Thrown hunting weapon
  7. *Instructions for a flash mob, maybe
  8. Dry
  9. Unaccompanied
  10. Mathematician Turing
  11. Cost-of-living stat.
  12. *Before the fourth period bell, maybe
  13. Classic Ladd western
  14. Summer drink finisher
  15. One who is toast
  16. Barnyard breakfast
  17. Points of convergence
  18. Beverage brewed outdoors
  19. Abduction suspects?
  20. Fidgety
  21. Asner and Norton
  22. Widen, as pants
  23. Hudson Valley college
  24. Subfield of Linguistics and CompSci
  25. Satyrs’ Roman counterparts
  26. Crib noise
  27. Hoodwinks
  28. *Requirement for properly socially distanced insect gatherings, maybe
  29. Roadside bomb, for short
  30. Foul foot fragrance
  31. Catch
  32. Like DnD but outside
  33. Two fifty, or a hint to the makeup of each of the starred answers
  34. Type of latte that can be made dirty
  35. Instead
  36. One speeding behind a boat, perhaps
  37. ___ golf
  38. Wallop
  39. Pop up


  1. It’s filled with salt
  2. Cis companion, often
  3. Like a pineapple on a table, or a banana stapled to a wall
  4. ___ wait (lurks)
  5. It starts on Ash Wednesday
  6. “RuPaul’s ___”
  7. Charged particle
  8. Relinquish
  9. “21” singer
  10. Leave high and dry
  11. It’s found with neither
  12. “Aladdin” prince
  13. Young fellow
  14. Fist bump relative
  15. Shard-edged
  16. French manor
  17. Summary of compensation
  18. Installment
  19. Fiery
  20. Picked on or poked at
  21. Gets (it)
  22. Flat storage units (var.)
  23. Gave off
  24. Tiny scrap
  25. Catch rays
  26. Sound of a tail?
  27. Pertinent
  28. Steve of “The Office”
  29. Member of a Turkic people of Asia
  30. Jottings
  31. ___-cone
  32. Word of encouragement
  33. TV type
  34. Sushi tuna
  35. University dorm VIPs
  36. Secretive org.
  37. Slugger’s stat.
  38. Suffix with “employ”
  39. Before, of yore

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