The Miscellany Crossword: “What’s the Point?”


1 Bucket or fedora

4 Archer’s guard

10 Harsh comment

14 It’s just a number, per a saying

15 Jupiter moon

16 Measure of space

17 Sam ___ (Seuss character)

18 Seigneur de Montaigne’s création

19 Superman’s surname

20 Makes a crucial difference

23 Very rude

24 Claimed ancestry of 10% of the US population, at least partially

28 Ending for centi- or milli-

29 New wave musician Midge

31 “Where ___ begin?”

32 Ketchum of Pokémon

34 Android or iOS

36 “Crooklyn” or “He Got Game”

40 Intimidate with danger

41 Late PMs, abbr.

42 Foot digit

43 Fishing need

44 Tuscan tower town

47 Dreaded words on a graded paper

49 Louvre’s prized painting

53 Politician’s want come election time

56 What less is, per a different saying

59 Clears the chalkboard

60 Schrodinger’s pet

61 Modern workout company

62 Traditional Mexican soup

63 “Solid ___ rock”

64 Root beer brand

65 “The ______ and the Sea” (Hemingway novel)

66 Cacao bit



1 Toussaint’s homeland

2 Once more

3 Office stand-ins

4 Scarab, eg.

5 Pledged to a frat

6 Manager Wenger formerly of Arsenal

7 It’s East or West, in the US

8 Saga

9 Tabula ____ (blank slate)

10 Dusty who supposedly co-invented the high five

11 Is plural

12 Kylo of Star Wars

13 Baseball stick

21 Famous alum’s Oscar role

22 Deceive

25 “Not me”

26 Types

27 That guy?

29 Glob or mod ending

30 British rule of India

32 Old woman’s abode in a nursery rhyme

33 Shopping binge

34 Writer’s tool

35 Grand ending

37 Sheldon Plankton’s computer wife

38 DDE’s command in WWII

39 Light bulb kind

40 Audi sports cars

44 North American marsupial

45 Words before “vacation” or “drink”

46 Delilah’s betrayed

48 Track events

49 “_____ Mrs. Smith” (Jolie/Pitt picture)

50 Like Machu Picchu

51 East German secret police

52 “Take _____ at” (try)

54 Test run

55 Pitcher Hershiser

56 Prefix for western or day

57 “Birds ___ feather” (alot alike)

58 Purge

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