Student pulls all-nighter, pretends they got up early

Juliette Pope/The Miscellany News.

For all of the time I spend in my bed, I don’t get much sleep. Lately I have become partial to all-nighters. There is something about watching the sunrise while doing readings that I find very encouraging. I’m starting to understand why motivational posters are always pictures of sunrises with cheesy catch phrases in front of them. At 6 a.m. on zero hours of sleep, if the words “hang in there” were to appear in the sky I would certainly cry. Potentially out of concern for my mental state, sure, but partially out of inspiration. 

My favorite part about pulling all-nighters is making morning people feel inferior. I have always been a late riser. This is something only my parents used to know, but now that I live on a floor surrounded by my peers, I feel a little bit more pressure to not seem like a habitual sluggard. Every time I pull an all-nighter, I delight in seeing the confused faces of the morning people on my floor as they walk down our hall at 7 a.m., only to see me already hard at work. I make an extra effort to change into a new outfit right before they usually get up, so it seems like I started a new day when in actuality I just extended the last one by 12 hours. “Good morning!” I sing, sadistically trying to catch them off guard in their freshly awakened state. Sometimes I’ll throw in a “Beautiful day, isn’t it?” to make them think I’ve already been outside, potentially even exercised. The illusion of productivity is a seductive one to attempt to impress upon your floormates. Really, these people have done absolutely nothing to deserve the vendetta I have against them, and in all honesty the jig is probably up. I become very jumpy after pulling all-nighters, especially when caffeine is in the mix. I think the morning people on my floor can tell I am not awake at 7 a.m. for the same reasons that they are. My sudden jump and darting eyes at the sound of their doors opening probably lead them to believe that I haven’t been awake since 5 a.m. meditating and doing sun salutations. Rather, I have been sitting hunched in front of my computer until the sun salutes me, and earnestly encourages me to “hang in there” (nonverbally for the time being).


  1. This is humorous, fun, and very well executed! I’m happy to see a students potential flourishing.

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