Tips for your 10 Day Quarantine

Let’s face it. Going into quarantine after being exposed to that good old COVID-19 was not my ideal way of spending the week. Getting that lovely call that I would be taking a little vacation to the designated COVID exposure houses on campus truly was the highlight of my week. Honestly, though, it wasn’t all that bad. There are ways to spice up your experience when you are being isolated from the outside world! 

For starters, you’re gonna want your room to feel like home, so you may as well bring as much stuff as you can to keep yourself occupied. Now, what I would NOT recommend doing is packing while you are still panicked about the idea of going into quarantine, because that may or may not lead to you bringing everything that you own and won’t even look at or think about the entire time you are there. 

It helps to start your day as normal as you can! This can be hard given that you are in a room completely alone and shut out from society. But you can still wake up and scroll through Instagram for an hour before getting out of bed, and the best part is you have a killer excuse. Speaking of excuses, I strongly recommend emailing your professors to let them know what you are going through. I should warn you that the fourth email asking for an extension on a late assignment that was due before your quarantine started may not be received very nicely. 

It can feel a bit isolating to be in a tiny room all alone for 10 days, and after a while I found my social skills withering away. But, all you need to fix that is another distraction! A good one is to look out the window just to feel some sort of connection to the vibrant campus without feeling too alone. Of course, this can be a little challenging when your window looks directly out to the quad full of all your peers enjoying the first sunny warm day of the year … laughing … socializing … laying on the grass …

Anyway, make sure to keep in touch with people. Don’t be afraid to give your friends a call to keep up with all of the latest happenings on campus. Not that there was a lot for me to be updated on because⁠—you know—the pandemic, but it was nice to have a minute-long conversation with people whom I barely even text because I see them every day. 

Overall, the most amusing way I was able to spend my time was deciding the food I would order every day. The amount of time I spent everyday scrolling through menus of Poughkeepsie restaurants just to end up ordering from Twisted Soul gave me more joy than graduating high school. I guarantee that when you come out of quarantine, you will be an expert at operating the GrubHub app. 

As for the rest of your time, just do your best to treat yourself right. If that means turning off your camera for a Zoom class, go for it! If it means wearing the same pair of sweatpants for five days straight, who cares! It’s not like anyone is gonna see you. 

At the end of the day, no one wants to be quarantined. But, it’s not the worst thing in the world, and hopefully these “tips” can make it a more pleasant experience. 

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