Word on the Street: March 25

  1. Where is the best place on campus to hide from an awkward hookup?
  2. What is the least trustworthy astrological sign?
  3. Could you take the humor editors in a fight?

Tim Nguyen ’23
1. “The philosophy lounge in Rocky Hall, where everything is colorful and peaceful and I feel at peace.”
2. “Geminis. Hundred percent.”
3. “No. I’m only a blue belt [in karate], so I stand no chance.”

Brianna Moreno ’24
1. “Skinner’s a good one. They’ll never find you there.”
2. “I’m gonna go with Aries. Referencing my brother.”
3. “Sure!”

Arun Guruswamy ’24
1. “Behind the lacrosse field. The building behind the lacrosse field.”
2. “I’d say Aries, because I’m Aries.”
3. “Um, no. I would not.”

Maedot Abate ’24
1. “Olmsted basement, because nobody goes there.”
2. “Virgos. I’m not going to elaborate.”
3. “Probably not. Not at all.”

Yuchen Wang ’23
1. “I would hide in my room all day and not come out and avoid contact with anyone, to be safe.”
2. “Gemini, because they have two sides.”
3. “I would just prefer to run, and dismiss whatever’s going on.”

Joey Lin ’23
1. “My room! They’re not coming in my room!”
2. “Personally, I’ve had interesting experiences with water signs, especially Cancers. I still love them, but sometimes they can act up.”
3. “Probably not. I don’t know how to throw punches or anything. I’m a lover, not a fighter!”

Reshan Selva ’23
1. “Definitely Cushing House, because no one goes to Cushing House.”
2. “I’ll say Gemini, just because Yuchen says Gemini.”
3. “Yeah! I have those skills, so you better watch out!! That’s my final answer.”

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