Day: April 7, 2021

The Miscellany Crossword: “Google Easter Eggs”

By Reese Collins – 10 months ago

Across 1. Couch 5. Following 10. “We’ll fix it in ____” (filmmaker’s reply) 14. Greek god of sex 15. Clog remover 16. Possible Zoom audio problem 17. Steak spec 18.…

The Miscellany Crossword: “Physique Tune-up”

By Greg Calidonna & Ian Rosevear – 10 months ago

Across 1. Native plains tribe 5. Sax type 9. Rate 13. Reznor of Nine Inch Nails 14. Uncommon 15. Like a yearning heart 16. Recruitment specialist 18. Mufasa’s double-crosser 19.…

VSA reevaluates org approval process after string of incidents

By Zachary Cohen – 10 months ago

A string of on-campus incidents has forced the Vassar Student Association to re-evaluate the validity of some of its student organizations. After review, multiple preliminary and even some certified organizations…