The Miscellany Crossword: “Google Easter Eggs”


1. Couch

5. Following

10. “We’ll fix it in ____” (filmmaker’s reply)

14. Greek god of sex

15. Clog remover

16. Possible Zoom audio problem

17. Steak spec

18. Dora’s cousin

19. Amount of homework, in a hard class

20. *Did you mean: who is 20-across

22. “____ get it!”

23. “Wha?”

24. Reims refusal

25. Netflix show inspired by Arsène

26. Got the OK from the trainer

29. On keto

31. All better

32. Religious offshoots

33. Like 2021

34. *Did you mean: nag a ram

36. URL ender

39. Turn the key

40. Goes together well

42. Blue feeling

45. “The Searchers” genre

46. Practice repeatedly

47. Id’s partner

49. Long time

50. First four letters of an Aretha hit

51. *Did you mean: my preciousss

55. “Am ____ only one here?”

56. CR-V maker

57. Former world no. 1 Năstase who deceives?

58. She plays Meryl’s mom in the “Mamma Mia!” sequel

59. 1979 spaceship horror flick

60. Actress Fanning

61. “Bill & ____ Excellent Adventure”

62. TikTok audience, mostly

63. Partner of hide


1. “Buona ____” (Italian greeting)

2. Televangelist, and university founder, Roberts

3. Upper part of the face

4. Last letter in LGBTQIA+

5. Envelope dest.

6. Joey or Rachel

7. Billy Blanks’ fitness system

8. Beget

9. Chess piece involved in castling

10. Schulz’s strip

11. Eight-legged inkers

12. Acts as an usher

13. Arm day goal, perhaps

21. Menace

25. “Hmmm…”

26. Stand-up Margaret

27. Type of light

28. St. Vincent Millay and Ferber

30. Start of Caesar’s boast

32. Army NCO

35. Brit’s cuss

36. Fabric that is French for caterpillar

37. Contraction in an anthem

38. Web portal launched same day as Windows 95

39. Some Fortnite players

41. Bedtime ritual, maybe

42. Stern

43. “We ______ World” (charity single)

44. Ran

45. Like a plank

48. Lamp liver

51. This go-with

52. Mums’ mums

53. World’s longest river

54. Member of a squad at Best Buy

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