The Miscellany Crossword: “Crossword 1”


1. *Halloween party need, or 8-across in Portuguese

8. *See 1-across

13. She lives in the Louvre

14. By oneself

15. It wanes after the third quarter

16. Car part you take off

18. ____ 130-Archaeology: Lessons From the Past

19. ____ Moines

20. Spanish treasure

21. More recent

23. *Come up with, or 1-down in French

25. One competing in Wii Sports

26. “Gone Girl” star Pike

28. Whirls

30. Off-limits

31. Slower than adagio

32. ____ Laureate (American arts distinction)

36. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly

37. “____ be nice”

38. “The Kiss” painter

41. *Title for DeBlasio or Buttigieg, or 32-down in Spanish

42. Did a tour of the Monopoly board

46. Poetic tribute

47. Beer ingredient

48. Sight-singing technique

50. Reason for something to be 22-down

51. “And I ____” (viral phrase)

52. *Knack, or 17-down in German

53. Brief weather phenomenon

55. _____: The Empire Strikes Back

59. African antelope

60. Sights at rodeos

61. With 62-across, what stumps a second language learner (and a hint to the four starred pairs)

62. See 61-across 


1. *See 23-across

2. Boxing combo

3. Pageant contestants’ attire

4. “My 600lb. Life” channel

5. 180º turn, in slang

6. AOL alternative

7. Consume

8. “The Godfather” consigliere Tom

9. “What a pity”

10. Beantown, on a scoreboard

11. Like the class of 2025

12. Rip open

13. Thom on a shoebox

17. *See 52-across

19. Mythical Queen of Carthage

22. Not suitable for kids

23. Tiny tiger

24. “Cut Piece” artist

27. Yoga equipment

28. Schedules

29. Architect  I. M. ____

32. *See 41-across

33. “50 ____ Chicken” (parody cookbook)

34. What you have to do for guac, maybe

35. Ear-related prefix

36. Texting format

38. BTS genre

39. Place for a small dog

40. Where astronauts and cosmonauts meet (abbr.)

43. “So sorry I interrupted you”

44. Slid

45. Proposals

47. Friend

49. 4x4s, e.g.

51. The sun, moon, and stars

54. Valuable export for some countries

55. 2003 film adapted into a 2010 Broadway musical

56. Golf goal

57. “Woe ____” (grammar book)

58. Poughkeepsie-to-Stamford dir.

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