The Miscellany Crossword: “Shots shots shots”


  1. Two-faced Roman god
  2. Film award
  3. They may be secret
  4. Words with “happy face” or “pedestal”
  5. Paged
  6. Goes
  7. Head honcho, abbr.
  8. “Me _
  9. Aristotle’s word of purpose
  10. Teen Mom airer
  11. Tubular pasta
  12. “Did you get the text _?”
  13. Firefighter Red
  14. 2nd most populated city in Finland
  15. Sixers coach Rivers
  16. 1971 Elton John song
  17. Team’s pronoun
  18. _-pen
  19. Like April weather, sometimes
  20. _ ruled the world”
  21. Indian dresses
  22. Color lightly
  23. What’s real
  24. Lauder of cosmetics
  25. Low/high card
  26. _ you!”
  27. Roker or Gore
  28. Sante Fe’s state, per the P.O.
  29. Little bites
  30. What the 22-down is backed by
  31. Foggy
  32. Not the same
  33. 22-across making company
  34. Prom tuxes or limos, usually


  1. One might do this with 3-down
  2. Immortal
  3. Embroidery… or the bottom of this puzzle
  4. Like toy boat toy boat toy boat
  5. Sault _ Marie, MI
  6. Gone fishing
  7. Antony Blinken’s workplace
  8. See 22-down
  9. Banderas of “Tie me up! Tie me down!”
  10. Student fellows, at other schools
  11. Camera card
  12. Level for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies
  13. Letter extra
  14. NBA impossibility
  15. A good liar, perhaps
  16. With 8-down, the theme of this puzzle
  17. Arafat, for example
  18. West end?
  19. Hwy., tpk., e.g.
  20. _ for apple”
  21. Often contracted word
  22. HBO alternative, for short
  23. Fig., Dig., etc.
  24. Queen of Boeotia, in Greek mythology
  25. A follow-up?
  26. Suffix for Caesar
  27. Mrs., in Mexico
  28. TV prt. SCR
  29. Revolutionary icon
  30. DoD’s satellite subdivision
  31. Animator’s creation
  32. Actor Helms et al.

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