Student ‘attempts’ to do work outside

Like most students on campus this semester, cabin fever has been starting to get to me. Now that all of the snow has finally melted and the blossoms are beginning to bloom, nobody wants to be stuck in their room on a Zoom for hours on end. Spring at Vassar is truly a beautiful thing, so we may as well enjoy it before they kick us out in two months. 

Earlier this week, I couldn’t bear the thought of having to stay in my room for another minute. So, I grabbed my computer and rushed to find a space on the quad to have class. Once I had all my work laid out, I logged into my first class of the day. However, I learned very quickly that I would not be paying attention. Focusing on Zoom is hard enough, add in all the distractions of outside and it’s damn near impossible. But at this point in the semester, as long as I’m not laying in bed scrolling through my phone … it can be considered productive. 

The quad is great for so many things, right? Playing Frisbee with your friends, having a nice spring picnic or just listening to some music. Heck, even getting a sunburn is enjoyable when you are surrounded by the newfound spring attitude that has spread all around us. Ok, maybe the faulty WiFi and the plethora of distractions are not great for focus. Luckily for me, not focusing on a Zoom lecture seems to be a habit most students have fallen into. 

Another great aspect of “doing work” on the quad is watching all of your peers walk to their classes. I have a theory that seeing others being productive and motivated for class will make you want to do the same. Of course, this has not worked yet. But who knows, miracles happen every day. 

But, as I was “in class,” I couldn’t help but wonder how students are going to be able to be productive in this weather. I mean, how could a school expect a bunch of students who have been fighting through an agonizing East-Coast winter, to NOT drop everything and run outside when the temperature goes above 40 degrees? Yes, college is for learning and we are paying obscene amounts of money to go to these classes. But … laying on the grass with my camera off and mic muted was one of the most rewarding things I could think of doing, which is kinda depressing in itself considering how minuscule and insignificant that task is. 

Overall, taking some time to be distracted is more than okay, and doing it outside is a great way into tricking your mind that you actually are accomplishing something. 

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