Word on the Street: April 15

What’s the strangest dream you’ve had recently, or ever?

“They’re all senior-year stress dreams. I had a dream that it was my honors and awards ceremony, but it was all people from my high school. It made me very uncomfortable.” – Emma Bauchner ’21

“I had a nightmare [when] I was five…where I was at one of those [places you go in grocery stores to develop disposable camera photos]…and instead of doing anything camera-related, there was a brain. And we poked the brain until the brain became a mummy. And then I was like, ‘we have to flee the grocery store.’” – Elliot Hoke ’22

“It was a sex dream.” [Points.] “About that Deece worker.” – Anthony Lanzillo ’22

“I was in a freaky abandoned asylum that looked like one of the French quarters in Paris. I was running around and there was a crazy guy with a chainsaw following me. I have really vivid recollections of running up the European stairwells trying to get away from the crazy guy covered in blood. Classic college stress dream, I feel.” – David Petersen ’22

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