How to tell your parents you have no internship

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With the end of the school year fastly approaching, we all seem to be getting the same question: “So, what are your summer plans?”

It’s a perfectly normal question to ask, but this year I’ve been struggling to come up with an answer. Like many studious and driven college students, I applied to MANY internships and was rejected by every single one of them. Am I surprised? No. Am I disappointed? Not really. Did I rush through all of the applications without giving them much thought because I was lazy and didn’t want to do them? Absolutely.

This year was competitive and I was not worried about having a boring summer. I am, however, worried about one thing: telling my mother this delightful information. Now I am NOT trying to throw shade at my mom, she is a wonderful and compassionate person. But i’m pretty sure the last thing she wants is her daughter sitting at home for three months bothering her every second of the day…which is what I fully intend on doing.  

So to help myself break the news to her, I have come up with a method that might benefit the both of us. So, here are my tips for sharing this turn of events with your parents: 

First, wait until the last possible moment to make this lovely announcement. Then, after waiting till the last possible minute, wait just a little bit longer. I know what you may be thinking. That waiting until the last minute could lead to a more aggravated response. But, all that time that you are spending not telling her you could be spending on other things…like procrastinating on applications for other jobs and internships until it is too late.

Once that glorious moment arrives where I tell my mother I will indeed be spending the entire summer complaining that I am bored, I will do what any young adult would do to avoid the situation: Put in my headphones and act like the world no longer exists. Is this a good idea? No. Is it the only way I will be able to avoid confrontation and questions that I don’t want to answer simply because it is a little bit uncomfortable? Yes, yes it is.

So if you have had a hard time breaking the news to your parents, take some tips from me…or don’t. I have no idea what I am talking about. Honesty is probably the best thing, but that requires much more effort than I am capable of! 


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