Another Apology from The Misc

Courtesy of Ima Byrdbrane ’23

The Miscellany News would like to formally apologize for a now-removed post on our Instagram featuring a crane by Josselyn House, captioned “loonnnng boi” with no context. This was meant to go to @cranesofvassar, an account run by Ima Byrdbrane ’23, who posts daily photos of cranes across campus, both vehicular and avian. The Misc would also like to apologize for tagging Pitbull three times, first “@pitbull,” second “@pitbull would like to see your long boiii ;)” and third “@pitbull why u no respond long boi” followed by the pleading emoji face. These mistakes are inconsistent with our values, and we aim to represent Vassar’s student body as accurately as possible. We will ensure no errors like this happen again.

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