Trailer for ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean’ excites fanbase

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The trailer for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s sixth installment, “Stone Ocean,” which Netflix released last month, has excited an already devoted fanbase. Netflix will release the new season worldwide in December 2021 before airing it in Japan in January 2022. For a series where female supporting characters are often portrayed as overly obnoxious, sensitive, loud, shy or seductive, this trailer features the first female protagonist, signaling a notable turn. 

According to the “Stone Ocean” trailer (YouTube, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure STONE OCEAN | Official Trailer | Netflix,” 08.08.2021), the protagonist’s name is Jolyne Cujoh, and she is set to serve 15 years in prison for her apparent involvement in a deadly roadside incident. As she stands in the rain, looking down on the deceased man, JoJo fans hear Jolyne’s voice for the first time. She releases a shrill shriek, an impressive job by the voice actor, longtime JoJo fan Fairouz Ai Kadota. “15 years! 15 years! 15 years! My entire youth! 15 years!” 

During her court appearance, Jolyne’s star-shaped birthmark is seen on her back, a nod to her ancestry from previous JoJo installments. When the judge announces her 15-year sentence, fans see her face for the first time, filled with worry and resignation. In the trailer, Ermes Costello, a neighboring inmate, asks Jolyne what culminated in her prison sentence. In a moment that had fans swooning, she stoically claims, “I’m innocent.”

Supernatural developments start occuring, as they do in each part of the series, and Jolyne soon suspects trouble. This is all new to her. As the trailer reaches its midpoint, Jolyne touches a sinister charm that nearly implodes her finger and a man in a purple cloak, her father, stands in front of her. The biggest reveal of the trailer is that the man is Jotaro Kujo, arguably the face of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” and the character with the series’ greatest longevity. His unwavering seriousness matches Jolyne’s, or at least that is what the trailer portrays. 

His purple wardrobe marks a change from his white outfit in part four, “Diamond is Unbreakable” (Fandom, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable”) and his signature black outfit from part three, “Stardust Crusaders” (Fandom, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders”) in which he is the protagonist. The trailer mentions that Jotaro divorced his wife, which makes me wonder how Jotaro married in the first place, considering his history of cursing and disrespecting women around him, including his mother Holly. A legitimately kind interaction between Jotaro and a female character has never been displayed.

Immediately after Jotaro’s reveal, Jolyne’s theme plays and introduces herself, Ermes Costello, F.F., Emporio Alnino, Weather Forecast, Narciso Anastasia and Jotaro. Jolyne’s theme (YouTube, “Stone Ocean OST: Jolyne’s Theme,” 08.09.2021) is absolutely fantastic, and no, I still can’t get over it. It is pure hype, mystery and awesomeness, for lack of a better word. Many are even willing to abandon Giorno Giovanna’s theme from the fifth part “Golden Wind” (Fandom, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind) as the greatest musical piece from the TV series, a track memed into fame. 

The trailer continues by indicating Jotaro’s knowledge that somebody is after Jolyne, having set up the incident that put her in prison. Soon, a purple hand protrudes through a cell wall followed by a shadowy face appearing in front of Jolyne while she is in bed. The charm reappears in the trailer, containing a piece of the arrow used in previous seasons to create Stands, or spiritual manifestations generated by their users. This raises the question of whether strong connections exist between “Golden Wind” and “Stone Ocean.” At the time the charm is shown in the trailer, Jotaro is the only known Stand user. It is interesting to see how he will fare in this upcoming season with his Stand Star Platinum, a dimension-altering entity capable of observing the miniscule details and unleashing enormous physical fighting strength. 

To Jolyne’s horror, she develops a Stand of her own. Her skin opens up, but rather than blood, blue strings oscillate and glow inside of her, followed by Jotaro’s claim that it is her Stand. The trailer ends with an absolute bang—Jolyne releases her battle cry as she uses her Stand while fighting, shouting “ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA!” which Jotaro cried out in parts three and four. Like father, like daughter. During her battle cry, as well as during other parts of the trailer, Jolyne’s serious expression conspicuously mirrors that of Jotaro’s. In this way, the fascination with Jolyne is akin to the one fans had over Jotaro. 

Jolyne’s female identity comes as “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s” audience expands from its originally constricted base of young male readers. People may enjoy poking fun at characters like Kars from “Battle Tendency” and Josuke Higashikata from “Diamond is Unbreakable” having the build of elite bodybuilders while flashing gestures and outfits associated with femininity. However, “Stone Ocean” does represent a serious shift. I am interested in how Jolyne will interact with and challenge her father Jotaro, since Jotaro demonstrated his brashness especially in front of Joseph Joestar, his grandfather who visited him in prison, in “Stardust Crusaders.” Jolyne’s reception by young readers of all genders matters. 

Within a trailer shrouded in much mystery from the perspective of a non-manga reader, one unanswered question lingers. The fame of “Stardust Crusaders” is much attributed to the villain DIO, and each part of JoJo in the TV series thus far has contained a singular primary antagonist whose immorality has commanded appropriate attention. Who is Enrico Pucci (Epicstream, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 6 Release Date, Official Trailer Finally Revealed,” 08.08.2021), of whom the trailer gives a tiny glimpse? What does he want? And where will the Joestar and Kujo/Cujoh lineage be taken in this new adventure? Are you feeling the goosebumps yet?

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