First school-sanctioned party gets low turnout

On Friday, Sept. 10, Vassar College Sound System (VCSS), formerly known as Vassar College DJ’s (VCDJ), hosted the first school-sanctioned indoor student party of the academic semester: Back to School Night. VCSS, known for their highly-attended events, announced this would be one of many events for the upcoming year. In their virtual invitation, VCSS wrote, “We’re ready to start our year of events on a high note, and we’re going full speed ahead.” 

Situated in the Villard Room in Main House from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., Back to School Night  featured four hours of nonstop music from campus DJs, colorful strobe lights and dancing. Despite the event’s 300 person limit, a new capacity standard set for socially-distanced events, turnout was lower than expected, with attendees describing 10 to 15 people on the dance floor. 

Safety measures were taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To attend the event, students were required to present their school ID and wear a mask. Last year, indoor events had a far lower capacity limit than 300 people, meaning Back to School Night was the first indoor event of this magnitude  in over a year.  

Various students were eager to attend this event. Malachi Maguregui ’25 explained that he was excited to blow off some steam after a week of classes. “I wanted to come to the event because it’s already the first couple weeks of classes, I’m a little stressed and I wanted to have some time to let out some pent up steam,” he said. 

Many other students agreed that they were happy to be able to find a community and safely enjoy time together.  Many students expressed that they felt safe since everyone wore masks and the room was at low capacity for most of the evening.

Paul Tuaty ’25 attended Back to School Night as a way to meet new people. “The event looked fun and the lights were really inviting,” he shared. 

Despite the anticipation, not many students attended the event. This could be due to a lack of publicity surrounding the party. 

“It was alright,” commented Carl Webster ’25. “The music was fun and varied, but there were only around 10 to 15 people there when I was there. Later in the night more people showed up, but if more s tudents knew about it, it would have been so much better,” he said. VCSS did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Despite a lackluster attendance, VCSS succeeded in hosting the first school-sanctioned party in over a year. Students enjoyed letting loose and enjoying time with their friends: “It’s really great to see people getting together, all masked up and safe” said Maguregui.

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