Meet the bands playing at Misc Music Festival

Spud Cannon

Courtesy of Juan C. Quimper.

Meg Matthews ’20, Ari Bowe ’20, Lucy Horgan ’20, Jackson Lewis ’19, Ben Scharf ’22 [Disclaimer: Scharf is the Live Events Chairperson for The Miscellany News]

The band Spud Cannon is excited to get the hell out of New York City. The group members all met at Vassar, but are now Brooklyn-based, rounding out their fourth year together. It’s good to be back at the scene of the crime.



Courtesy of Nathan Strope ’24.

Sam Lytel ’24, Catherine Borthwick ’24, James Mannix ’24

The name “Ufology” affectionately refers to the members’ diligent studies of UFOs in the religion first-year writing seminar they shared last spring. They are beyond excited to play at their first Vassar music festival. Expect dope tunes, dancing and possible sightings of unexplained paraphernalia in the sky.



Courtesy of Angus Bernet ’22.

Devlinbleu Chambers ’22

With Devlinbleu, everyone can expect energy n vibesz. Chambers started out writing slam poetry, but realized that he enjoyed the added dimension of writing to music. His favorite part about performing at Vassar is that he can share music with his friends and the broader Vassar community.


Alouette Batteau

Ian Herz/The Miscellany News.

Alouette Batteau ’23, John Frazier ’23, Alex Koester ’23, Ronan Sidoti ’23

Alouette Batteau just wants to give people a chance to dance and have a great night. The musicians started playing in various forms together when they were all first-years figuring out the Vassar music scene, and have since played a fair number of shows. They are excited for more live music to return to campus.


Father Koi

Courtesy of @stuffedmeow.

Kara Lu ’22, Ben Scharf ’22, Jack Rogers ’22, Emmett Cashman ’23

Father Koi is bringing good energy to Misc Music Fest. Experimenting with pop sounds in addition to her usual indie sound, Lu got the band together last year after the success of her song “Dreamgirl.” Sing and dance your heart out when Father Koi plays—it’s magical and all the band could ask for from a performance.



Courtesy of Fowlmouth.

Julia Maisel-Berick ’24, Rachel Ostrowski ’24, Lauren Pacheco ’24

Fowlmouth is the type of band you’d find playing at a local farmers market. The group was formed last year in a flurry of mistaken identities, playing together soon afterwards. Now the three are ready to perform for an audience as excited to listen as they are to play. Ostrowski does her own stunts, so get excited for Fowlmouth.


Ronan Sidoti

Ian Herz/The Miscellany News.

Ronan Sidoti ’23, Kara Lu ’22, Alex Koester ’23, Emmett Cashman ’23

With Ronan Sidoti, expect a quickly thrown together set of wild and crazy songs to dance to. The musicians started playing together last year, with an indie pop/dance music vibe. Sidoti’s favorite thing is watching people that he doesn’t know and his friends dancing. He’s also very excited for the sound system!!



Courtesy of Alexis Cerritos ’22.

Liam Manion ’22, Sawyer Bush ’22 [Disclaimer: Bush is Opinions Editor for The Miscellany News], Miles Schulman ’23, Sophia Calder ’21, Emmett Cashman ’23

yarn. is a “cat-rock” group ready to play a few wrong notes, but mostly right notes, this coming Friday. The group has been playing together for about a year after meeting and jamming at the observatory during the hellscape that was the fall of 2020. The band can’t wait to see other Vassar artists come back with a vengeance and a feral desire for some good live music.


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