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Senate Agenda ~ Nov. 14, 2021


Updates and Announcements 

  • Executive Board 
      1. Equity and Inclusion 
        1. The committee discussed inclusion in the faculty housing system. They also discussed the tenure system, which is based on academic, research and teaching achievement. They were also thinking of including diversity, equity and inclusion training within the tenure system. 
      2. Residential Affairs
        1. The committee is thinking of having the Street Eats food truck start traveling to the apartment areas again.
      3. Health and Wellness
        1. The committee’s first aid kit supplies should be arriving some time this week at the dorms. Health and Wellness Education is also planning on hosting a de-stress event in the future.
      4. Organizations
        1. Organizations did not meet this week. They have been conducting interviews for six pre-organizations.
      5. Academics
        1. Academics hosted the majors fair, which had a great turnout. The Community Engaged Intensives in the Humanities committee had a speaker event on Friday, Nov. 12, with Associate Professor of Higher Education at University of Minnesota Tania Mitchell. The event went smoothly as well. The Computing and Academic Technologies (CAT) committee met on Tuesday. The committee later on in the week voted on some Ferguson tech grant approvals.
      6. Finance
        1. The committee met with Michelle Ransom to discuss funds for the Class of 2020 graduation. President Elizabeth Bradley and the College are planning to cover everything but transportation costs, not the VSA fund that was initially planned for them. They are going to see if they can use the funds for merch for the class.
      7. Programming and Traditions
        1. The committee sent out a Founder’s Day theme survey on Monday, Nov. 15. They are still working on the NYC shuttle.
      8. Operations
        1. The committee discussed meeting times. They also talked about case work bills. A majority of the case work bills are related to small restructuring details and are most likely going to pass.
      9. VSA President
        1. The VSA President spoke to Dean of the College Carlos Alamo-Pastrana and President Elizabeth Bradley to discuss potentially allowing the VSA President to have a vote on the Board of Trustees.
  • Committee Chair Updates 
      1. First-Year Programs
        1. The committee hosted their Rocky Horror event on Friday, Nov. 12, and it had a good turnout. The committee also met with First-Year Experience about an event on Dec. 3.
      2. Environmental Action
        1. The committee met with the Director of Sustainability. They are considering having monthly administrative meetings to allow students to have a more hands-on understanding of sustainability, hopefully the first week back after Thanksgiving break. The committee is also planning on collecting data on waste in dining.
      3. Communications
        1. Communications is planning on making an information sheet about different committees and posting it on the VSA website so the public can have access to it.
      4. Athletics 
        1. The committee is working on an event with LGBTQ+ center. They are waiting on approval for social media advertising for the event. 
        2. They are also planning the RISE event.
      5. Student Labor
        1. On Friday, Nov. 19, Student Labor will be hosting a hearing on the Raise the Wage Act from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 
      6. Community Affairs 
        1. The committee met this week and talked mostly about advertising. They discussed potentially making a Community Affairs Facebook.
  • Senator Updates
    1. Class of 2025: 
      1. The recent Class of 2025 event was a success. The representative also got access to the email list.
    2. Class of 2024: 
      1. No updates.
    3. Class of 2023:
      1. The Class Tree Ceremony took place on Friday, Nov. 12. Class of 2023 Senator Joe Mangan introduced a bill about a Senate casework system. He is trying to ban VSA organizations from purchasing styrofoam and plastic bags, which are harmful to the environment.
    4. Class of 2022: 
      1. They are working on a bill for a review of materials regarding certain symbols being published.
  • Constituent Concerns
    1. VSA brought a motion to censure SJP regarding an advertisement they circulated around campus for an event they were planning featuring Jewish-American cartoonist Eli Valley.  
  • New Business
    1. VSA discussed the proposal of the Student Advocacy and Casework Act, which ensures that the Senators of VSA are able to more directly serve their constituents. The bill aims to amend Article 2A to expand the job of the class senators and establish a Casework System website where constituents can submit their concerns directly to senators. The proposal is intended to help students who may have issues with communication, or grade work policies with a professor, dean, faculty, etc. Students raised concerns about the bill and wanted to know more on whether or not the administration knows about the logistics of giving authorization to information, as well as concerns for how senators would be trained to deal with casework. The VSA decided to move the discussion about the bill to next week.


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