Campus Canvas: December 1st, 2021

Kali vom Eigen ’23

As an artist, I find myself very drawn to the idea of the human figure and, more recently, the idea of the impression of a human form. I’ve been exploring this concept through depicting personal objects like a bed, with the physical impression of a body, as well as through negative space. Detailed images of specific parts of the body, with a lot of focus on the color and shape of skin as it moves over bone and muscle, are also really compelling to me.

A lot of that is why getting to work from a live model in my painting class over the course of about a week was really exciting. Being in an upper-level art class at Vassar has given me a lot of freedom to pursue things I’m most inspired by, rather than being restrained by a certain prompt or set of criteria. It’s intimidating to have so much free rein sometimes, but I’m really enjoying being able to lose myself in the process of creation!

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