Why does everyone think they are funny

It’s an age-old question that I find asking myself quite a bit recently. Why is it that everyone seems to think that they are comedians? I mean sure, everyone has their own sense of humor and loves to laugh. But why is it that most people I talk to bring up starting a podcast at least once in every conversation? Never in my life have I ever recommended that someone should have a career in comedy.

Yes, I understand that it is incredibly ironic considering that I am in fact a “humor” columnist critiquing people who think of themselves as funny. I must admit that I myself do not think I am that funny. Sure, I get the occasional laugh with my friends and of course, I sparingly use our hangouts as my own little stand-up workshop, but there is a difference between being a funny friend and a comedian.  

My mother, a former professional comedian who did not laugh at any of my jokes during my entire childhood to ensure that I develop a good sense of humor, did not hold back when I was thinking about pursuing the comedic arts. She informed me that not only is the world of comedy cutthroat, it also has the great potential to suck all the joy and fun from your soul until you never find anything funny again. Okay, I am probably exaggerating and she definitely did not say that to me, but at the time I was 15 so she could have told me anything and that is what I would get from it. And now at the ripe old age of 20, about 90 percent of the jokes I make do not land and I just act like they never happened. 

This  is not to say that no one is funny. We all know that is not true. Even though college is a place to “study,” I find myself laughing a majority of the day. However, I would never in my life recommend that someone does stand up and/or improv unless they are ready to feel embarrassed. 

I guess at the end of the day what I am trying to say is… find the joy in life and laugh whenever you can. But, please, and I beg you, do not start a podcast.

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