Day: February 16, 2022

(W)Hor(e)oscopes: February 17

By – 12 months ago

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day is always a lively activity, regardless of whether or not you believe it’s a corporate shill. Sometimes you just need to emotionally prepare to see…

Why the Oscars are going out of style

By Emma Adams – 12 months ago

It’s Oscars night. The red carpet is rolled out, and celebrities are slowly making their way into Dolby Theatre, sneaking tequila shots on the side with Guillermo to make the…

The Academy Awards: Who Cares?

By Tara Peterson – 12 months ago

​​The upcoming Academy Awards bring to mind a gluttony of gold, fashion and celebrity. The highest standard of the American film industry guarantees respect and success for nearly everyone lucky…

Vassar Brewers Sports Roundup: Feb. 17

By – 12 months ago

Women’s Basketball | Feb. 11-12 | 2-0 Women’s basketball went 2-0 this past week. On Friday, the Brewers cruised to an 83-42 victory over Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Vassar…

An Unwitting Valentine

By – 12 months ago

She seduces, enchants and beguiles Her suitors with coy little smiles. And how perfect! How sweet! That they double as treats For her ravenous pet crocodiles!   – Anna Kozloski