Vassar, O Vassar, What Happened to You?

Vassar, O Vassar what happened to you?

New costs once again you decide to debut.,

Where a student could once stay for free,

You went off and broke what we had agreed.


Additional charges to stay over break,

Over the coals my wallet you rake,

Just as the price of laundry went up,

I declare this a highway stickup!


You also went and chose a commencement speaker

Who supports droning Americans and locking up asylum seekers.

Vassar, O Vassar, you are acting a hypocrite, 

You took your reputation and lathered it in…poo.


Is the money just for kicks and drugs and booze?

Don’t worry, I won’t tell; I don’t want to lose you,

But you’re making it hard to maintain my support.

If you keep it up, my graduation donation I will have to abort.


If it’s not money, could something else be making you blue?

I know you dropped in liberal arts rankings to 22.

Listen, it’s okay to be depressed,

Yet taking it out on us only makes everyone stressed.


You’re not the school I remember from my freshman year

Your present nature merits only jeers.

Or maybe it was I who could not see

The disappointing true nature of thee.


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