VSA Updates

Equity and Inclusion: 

Equity and Inclusion announced that VSA was invited to table at the Pride Month Kickoff Event, which is on April 9, 12 to 2 p.m. The Committee on Inclusion and Equity (CIE) is currently trying to propose employee research groups that have common interests or identities.

Residential Affairs

The committee is thinking about getting rid of the programming position and replacing it with the role of vice president. They are planning to make equity and sustainability representatives that will be spread throughout VSA.

Health and Wellness:

The chair noticed some first aid bins are low on supply, so they are planning to get an inventory count and possibly restock supplies this year to make it easier for the next upcoming chair. They also talked to the Office of Health Promotion and Education about distributing breakfast to seniors for Founder’s Day.


The committee met and decided to approve two organizations, the Vassar Veteran Organization and Vassar Leftist Union. The committee also officiated the split of Ultimate Frisbee team into three teams: men’s, women’s, mixed. These organizations are currently on pre-organization status.


The committee talked with a Community-Engaged Intensives in the Humanities (CEIH) member to discuss student benefits with evaluations. The committee is also trying to work on a survey that will be sent out to the student body in order to gauge their academic experiences.


All organizations have received an application regarding their budget for next year. The committee has also allocated money for the Class of 2020 for their graduation after this year’s ceremony for the senior class. 

Programming and Traditions: 

F​​ounder’s Day will be on April 30.


House presidents are able to do casework now. Operations also got an official document from administration agreeing to laundry prices for next year.

VSA President: 

The VSA president met with President Bradley to talk about the possibility of the VSA president sitting with the Board of Trustees.

Environmental Action:

The committee discussed a gateway project that would redo the entrance of the preserve to make it more accessible.

Student Labor: 

The committee met right before break to discuss a survey regarding the Raise the Wage Act. 

New Business:  

VSA passed SR.24, a bylaw amendment that allowed House presidents to be included in the VSA Casework System so that they are able to directly serve their constituents.


VSA also went over SR.18, an act that aimed to cut down the number of committee chairs. Questions that emerged during the discussion included the process of nominating the Chair of Finance, sub-committees and internal election processes. They also considered bringing larger student attention to the bill through email.

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