John Leguizamo moves to a solid “maybe” on Commencement, citing Cheesecake Factory reservation

Photo courtesy of Norm Lanier via Flickr.

To say it’s been a turbulent pre-graduation season is an understatement. John Leguizamo, known for his recent role in “Encanto” and also apparently for playing Luigi in “Super Mario Bros.” , has announced he’s leaning towards not speaking at Commencement. Having established himself as a well-respected and controversy-free actor, fans and students alike were confused as to why he’s hesitating about the event now.

“When I accepted the honor of being the 2022 Commencement speaker, I was unaware I had also booked a reservation to The Cheesecake Factory for the same day,” the “Ice Age” star said in a statement. “This particular ‘The Cheese’ that I go to (that’s what me and other Cheesecake Factory super fans call the restaurant) gets really busy around noon, and if I were to go there on another day without a reservation, I’m looking at at least a thirty minute wait.” Leguizamo also addressed suggestions that he reschedule his Cheesecake Factory reservation for another day. “The reservation system is always a tricky thing, and it’s not an easy thing to do at ‘The Cheese.’ Ultimately, I have been thinking a lot about whether I’d want to spend my Sunday, May 22 speaking in front of a bunch of people or eating an entire basket of crispy crab wontons, and I’m really leaning towards one much more than the other right now.”

I talked to the owner of a New Jersey Cheesecake factory that’s proven to be one of Leguizamo’s favorites. “He always comes in and orders five or six more dishes than one could reasonably eat in a sitting. I love him.” 

I also talked to one student who was particularly upset with the matter.  “I love ‘The Cheese’ as much as the next person, but this seems like overkill… From my experience, ‘maybe’ always means ‘no.’” With two commencement speakers now bowing out, Vassar must move down their list of qualified commencement candidates, highlighted by Yale Professor emeritus Dr. Mehmet Oz and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

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