The Miscellany Crossword: “Welcome Back”


4. Living in this house guarantees a shady spot for your hammock

9. These sweet creatures roam campus after dusk

10. First faculty member whose namesake building is nestled between Pratt House and Metcalf

11. Sledding down sunset hill may land you in this soggy spot

12. At Vassar, every class gets one of these

15. The Miscellany News (Pre-1872)

17. A previous Vassar president whose last name belongs to a quad dorm

19. This event marks the unofficial start of finals week

20. A Retreat classic



1.  A spot Vassar students climb through windows to reach

2. Our favorite marmot

3. The site of a plant heist last spring

5. “Go _______”

6. A royal alum

7. These critters are often found lingering in the bathrooms

8. Rejected by Vassar decades ago

13. Hundreds of these objects reside in Ely Hall

14. The go-to spot for a caffeine jolt

16. The dorm that completes the Davi-____ tunnel

18. Vassar has __ siblings

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