The Miscellany Crossword: “Vassar Presidents”


  1. Movie theater chain
  2. A characteristic of French toast or mayonnaise
  3. ___ de Triomphe
  4. Anger
  5. It’s on again
  6. Vassar’s first president
  7. Aids’ partner
  8. Is sick
  9. Classic science fair project
  10. Bank based in Hong Kong
  11. To discard (with “of”)
  12. __ will (whenever one wants)
  13. A moon of Jupiter
  14. A “feel good” chemical
  15. Musician King
  16. Author Salinger
  17. A really long time
  18. A musical with Mark, Roger, Mimi and Collins
  19. Former Vassar president and his namesake Rat house
  20. Collect them with a pickaxe in Minecraft
  21. “No, dude, it’s like a giant violin!”
  22. Residents of the Norse land of slain warriors (or of a town in Westchester County)
  23. A street that disintegrates?
  24. The hot gossip, black, green or herbal?
  25. “___ the land of the free!”
  26. A dance theater and a quadrangle bear the name of former pres. Frances ____ Fergusson
  27. Stores The ___, and ___ Too (abbr.)



  1. An instant messenger of the early Internet
  2. Scan used by Drs.
  3. Vassar classes with course numbers in the 290s
  4. Thunberg or Gerwig
  5. Coniferous, shrub-like trees
  6. Members of the opposing party
  7. Alternative to butter for use in baking pans
  8. Second note in a scale
  9. Home to many Mormons
  10. Paddle
  11. Nickname for Vassar’s current president and First Gentleman
  12. Scout’s brother
  13. Popular vacay spot on the NJ coast
  14. Holder of a PhD
  15. 2
  16. You could write one to President Bradley
  17. Arduous exam taken in HS
  18. ______ never know
  19. A drug user needs an EMT if they __
  20. Precedes “pets” or “liberal”
  21. OJ had a white one
  22. Four out of 12 months have these three letters consecutively
  23. “Turn __, tune in, drop out”
  24. ND
  25. “Goonies _____ say die”
  26. Ivan, Peter or Nicholas
  27. _____ _ book
  28. “___’s well that ends well”
  29. Excusez-___
  30. Danforth who carried a basketball the whole movie
  31. __ and behold
  32. GA’s capital
  33. It can be cast wide
  34. Winter depression (abbr.)


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