New restaurants bring spark to Arlington community

Images courtesy of Vassar College via Flickr.

With the fall semester in full stride, students are beginning to enjoy the new restaurants and businesses in the Arlington area, including Delta Pi, Bluestone Kitchen + Bar and Bagel World.

Many of these new store owners are grateful to be located so close to Vassar College and hope students stop in to try out their food. “When it came to opening up a restaurant next to Vassar, we saw it as a great opportunity to really show off our talents,” said William Perry, the owner and general manager of Bluestone Kitchen + Bar. “The student body as well as the faculty are very diverse, which allowed us to design our menus and the physical space in a way that is not only approachable, but also a little eclectic.”

Ila Kumar ’25 said she is enjoying the new food options for students off campus. “I do like the new places, but I think we need a place that’s a coffee shop during the day, to give Crafted some competition, and then a bar at night—like what The Mug used to be.”

Images courtesy of Vassar College via Flickr.

Kumar also expressed interest in Bagel World, which is set to open by the end of September. Vice President of the Bagel World chain Kevin Cashman said, “We are going to offer the students great bagels as well as an extensive menu from egg sandwiches, omelets, wraps, salads and much more.”

Julia Barnett ’24 said she’s looking forward to becoming a regular at the new restaurants. “I think we’ve really rounded out the different cuisines around our campus! I’ve definitely had that hankering for Greek before, and now that’s solved. I also think having a slightly more upscale place like Bluestone will be really nice for special occasions.”

Images courtesy of Vassar College via Flickr.

These new businesses will hopefully appeal to students, who will be able to eventually use their Arlington Bucks at the new locations, according to Wesley Eugene Dixon, Special Assistant to the President and Secretary to the Board of Trustees. He commented, “We are excited about these new businesses coming to the Arlington area as they are local businesses run by local residents with a track record of success.” He added, “These businesses were selected from among many others based on feedback from members of the Vassar and Arlington communities and their fresh, contemporary energy.”

Marcus D’Agostino ’23 said he is happy to have a more upbeat vibe off campus to grab a bite to eat. “A more refined establishment, Bluestone fills a gap between the dive bar of the Juliet and the price gouging of Savonnas,” he expressed. “Their menu is fairly basic, but well-prepared. The staff is polite and professional, and it’s a great place for a few drinks.”

Perry added that, so far, business at Bluestone Kitchen + Bar has been successful in a number of ways. “Being that we are a restaurant, the financial aspect can be a bit daunting.

However, we’ve met a lot of really great local people who have adopted us as their go-to spot. Thanks to those customers, and word of mouth, we’ve also seen a good amount of fresh faces, which is always exciting.”

Images courtesy of Vassar College via Flickr.

Dixon shares the feeling with Perry. He expressed, “At the College, we are excited to support business growth in Arlington and believe these new businesses will be great neighbors and citizens of our local community.” Dixon added, “Our hope is that students frequent these businesses that join the other great shops and restaurants along Raymond Avenue in Arlington.”

The diversity in food options provides an uplifting beat after the campus community lost staples such as BurgerFi, Julie’s Restaurant and Tomato Cafe. “So far I’ve mainly been going to Delta Pi (though Bluestone has been on the bucket list),” wrote Barnett. “I’m a firm believer in the chicken gyro (but definitely build your own and add lettuce!). The food has that really comforting homemade quality and the portions to price ratio is phenomenal.”

Barnett added, “I think it’s great that new businesses are opening in Poughkeepsie and when Bagel World opens, you can guarantee I’ll be there.”

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