The Miscellany Crossword: “That Cozy Feeling”


1. Throw a fit

6. Old wound

10. Not to plan

14. Baby bug

15. Saga

16. Spiced tea

17. Pre-prom ritual

18. Staple for 21+ parties

19. What college students deal with on laundry day

20. Mulled wine, pumpkin lattes and ___

23. In the style of

24. “No more zoom calls, please!” in text speak

25. Demure

28. Musical tempo

29. Pay attention to

31. *Spoken in Owen Wilson’s voice*

32. Colorful beginnings of fall

36. Abu ___

38. Small songbird

39. “Lion King” character

40. Login component

41. Non-medical doctors

42. What you might call a cinnamon lover, innit?

45. The oldest in the country is located in Rhinebeck, NY

46. Ingredient in highly divisive cookie flavor

48. A soda shoppe, maybe

49. Thingamajig

51. Collegiate email suffix

52. Thankfully skippable on most videos

55. Something that probably wasn’t supposed to be picked…

59. Common in-text citation

61. Inscribe

62. Way of eavesdropping, with “the wall”

63. “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” actress Sorvino

64. The hair on a bald person’s head

65. Rotten Tomatoes contributor, maybe

66. Half

67. “GTG!”

68. Classy



1. Top dog

2. Yuletide tune

3. Second of four in a Yuga Cycle, in Hinduism

4. Eye’s middle layer

5. Diagonal flute, typically made from reeds

6. *Um…Well…*

7. It’s difficult to have and eat at the same time

8. “30 Rock” actor Baldwin

9. Authoritarian government

10. Was sore

11. “I totally forgot what I was talking about…”

12. Cheerleader’s cheer!

13. Chihuahua’s bark

21. Marketing dude

22. English comedian Ken

26. Designated driver

27. Dainty spin

28. Popular diner sandwiches

29. Contributes

30. “How to Get Away with Murder” actor Morales

32. Like lateral flow tests

33. Cultural prefix

34. Followed the Hippocratic Oath

35. Expansive

37. Child’s description of an elephant, maybe

43. Ig-pay atin-lay, for one

44. Escape artists, for example

46. Rower’s tool

47. Emergence of new technologies (like chocolate calendars!)

50. Famous lama

51. Molecular group derived from Ethane

52. Main artery in the heart

53. Affectionate one

54. Endearing laugh

56. Location for a coup

57. Foretell with a reflective object

58. Respectful term for women in their 30s, but likely offensive to women in their 20s

59. First responders

60. Draw

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