The Miscellany Crossword: “The Major Leagues”


  1. 264: Apocalypse Now
  2. 239: Emotions
  3. 240: Electromagnetism I
  4. Actress Remini
  5. Borders
  6. El Camino ____
  7. Prefix with plasm or skeleton
  8. Merriment
  9. Syllables with -di and -da
  10. 362: Instrumental Analysis
  11. Glassware that might be used in 20-across
  12. One of eight blood types, abbr.
  13. Laddies
  14. Affects
  15. Subject in 10-across
  16. Messed up
  17. Casts the first chips
  18. Citation format used in 61-across
  19. Debtors’ notes
  20. Dalmations have them
  21. Minimum 4GB RAM, e.g.
  22. Not home
  23. Trevor Noah’s soon-to-be alma mater, “The ____ Show”
  24. Something to be shed
  25. Disruption
  26. The leading lady in “Seinfeld”
  27. Furies
  28. 355: Industrial Organization
  29. Painter Vermeer’s home, and the site of a 1654 explosion
  30. 330: Extrasolar planets
  31. A certain animated snowman
  32. Prefix meaning both or around
  33. Dies ____
  34. A lion’s ‘do
  35. 2008 Jordin Sparks hit single
  36. One of three state agencies involved with the JWST
  37. 365: The Brontës
  38. 195: Advanced Beginning Modern
  39. 365: The Brontës



  1. Actor Baldwin
  2. Abbr. for a grease monkey
  3. Fill
  4. Paine, Jefferson and Malthus, e.g.
  5. Biblical judge
  6. Death recs.
  7. Fitting name for a purring or cooing sound
  8. Quite small
  9. ___ Kosh B’Gosh
  10. French author of  “In Search of Lost Time”
  11. Biblical script, abbr.
  12. Vassar’s “brother” school
  13. Component of a blind or bed frame
  14. Electronic that comes in shuffle, nano and touch variants
  15. Breaks for sports teams
  16. Washingtons
  17. Elementary school quintet
  18. Coughing sickness, sometimes called laryngotracheobronchitis
  19. Honesty
  20. It may be grassy
  21. Chinese Louvre architect
  22. Not profane
  23. ___ bleu!
  24. Capital city and its country 2,604 miles SSW of Honolulu
  25. Hit CTRL-S
  26. Being a HUGE fan
  27. Bar projectile
  28. ___ gobi, vegetarian Indian curry dish
  29. Engineer Gustave who designed the centerpiece of the 1889 World’s Fair
  30. French verb that shares a root with script and scribe
  31. Set of moral principles
  32. Head
  33. Spirit
  34. 61-across and 11-down are two examples of this
  35. Cross
  36. Algerian port city
  37. Femme or andro counterpart
  38. Affirmative votes
  39. “So?”

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  1. Am I dumb? Why does every number have a clue? Like there is not a 2 across or a 3 across on that puzzle.

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