Fun ways to pass the time while waiting for the Jewett elevator

Just like Jewett itself, the Jewett elevator comes with its ups and downs, both literally and figuratively. But I’m not here to talk about its tendency to land on floors that no one called for, nor the fact that it is about as indecisive about which floor to land on as I am about which direction I should go when I have to pass someone walking in my direction in a crowded Deece. No, I’m here to talk about how excruciatingly sluggish it happens to be and how to deal with it as a student who’s often pressed for time.

First, though, I want to take a moment to cut the elevator some slack. It really is the MVP of Jewett, loyally and thanklessly transporting students throughout the house’s whopping 10 floors (including the basement). Maybe its aforementioned flaws are its own little way of affectionately toying with students or getting back at them for failing to properly appreciate it. Although I now reside on Raymond’s first floor, I lived on the sixth floor of Jewett last year, and I truly have no idea what I, nor my fellow students who lived on the higher floors, would have done without its services…except never skipping leg day, I guess.

Given how many students utilize the Jewett elevator every day (never counted, but my intuition tells me it’s a lot), I thought it important to highlight the ways one could kill time while waiting for the elevator, the pillar and literal centerpiece of Jewett House.


  1. Play “I Spy” with any of the other unfortunate souls who also happen to be waiting for that gray door to slide its way open. Remember this kindergarten classic? It gets to be kind of awkward, though, and not as kid-friendly when you run out of objects in the hallway, and you have to choose a condom that has fallen from the “safe sex” envelope by the door of a House Team member’s room.
  2. Remember how I said we would never be skipping leg day if Jewett didn’t have an elevator? Turns out you don’t need to skip the exercise after all! Organize an ’80s-style aerobics sesh right outside the elevator door!
  3. Start a campfire and take turns roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories with your friends. Like about the ghost that makes the elevator stop at floors where no one is waiting for it. And Jewett has to keep up its reputation for having a ton of fire alarms somehow, doesn’t it? (Please don’t actually do this.)
  4. Count as many tiles on the floor as you can before the elevator arrives. My personal record is 57. You can even make a game out of it! Hopscotch, anyone?
  5. Start working on your final papers early. By the time the elevator comes, not only will you be finished with them, but they will actually be due, too. Good way to combat procrastination!


With all of that said, living in Raymond has made me realize how much I took Jewett’s elevator for granted, especially when I go to do my laundry. We technically have an elevator, but it has a sign with big scary red letters saying that it’s a “NO PASSENGER ELEVATOR.” I wonder how slow that one is… maybe I’d write it its own article if I wasn’t too scared (or too much of a rule-follower) to ride it.

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