The Miscellany Crossword: “21st Century Janes”


  1. Singer John of “Have A Little Faith In Me”
  2. Saucer in the sky
  3. Equally disagreeable
  4. Not defunct
  5. Org. for American teachers
  6. Pore in the epidermis of a plant
  7. They don’t know what they’re talking about
  8. Ex-boy band member Horan
  9. 24 hours in Spain
  10. Indie-rock band named for Austen’s alleged muse
  11. America’s largest cosmetics retailer
  12. Grad deg.
  13. Small, pointed knife
  14. Shipping co.
  15. Fish often used in sandwiches, in Spanish
  16. Scientists still don’t know how they reproduce
  17. Gay “Pride and Prejudice” retelling starring Joel Kim Booster
  18. Half
  19. Light beer
  20. Hoover or Aswan
  21. Paddle in a rowboat
  22. Proto-jazz tune
  23. Leafy green superfood
  24. Netflix adapted it in 2022, to poor reviews
  25. Mythological garden
  26. June 6
  27. “Agony, misery, ___”
  28. “Physical” singer Lipa
  29. Cut off
  30. Drs. you see regularly
  31. Actor who starred opposite Anya Taylor-Joy in 2020
  32. What you might say on a roller coaster
  33. They’re a common crossword answer
  34. Borders Texas and drains into the Gulf of Mexico
  35. Cold wind which blows near 66 across
  36. Producer of non-aftermarket parts
  37. President for whom the ACA was a flagship piece of legislation
  38. Helpful tool in the back of a book
  39. Mtg. for queer teenagers
  40. Prefix meaning “hard” with Greek origins



  1. Member of third largest religious group
  2. One way to cook something
  3. Beauty brand carried by 23 across
  4. An insect, when repeated
  5. Words
  6. Unfortunate if this is done to a mummy
  7. “Hold this note”
  8. Like a trendy nut milk variety
  9. Fresh
  10. Suffocated
  11. Wild pig
  12. Initialism of Mexico’s 65th President
  13. Metric of disease burden
  14. Used by a cheerleader, when doubled
  15. Roofed carriage
  16. Orangutan, for one
  17. Animated sloth who has survived several disasters
  18. Gets close to winning a card game against a famous cellist
  19. Man-made waterway in New York state
  20. ROFL
  21. Autograph
  22. “Three Nights” singer Dominic
  23. Device on which to take notes with a stylus
  24. Weekend time for maple sugar in New England spring
  25. Uncooked
  26. A relief, if you find many of this at the tail of your reading
  27. Gets better in the second half
  28. ___ up (absorb)
  29. “Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, ___ me here.”
  30. File type with a transparent background
  31. Naboo’s queen
  32. Important process for keeping a sheep healthy
  33. Singer-songwriter Mitchell of “The Last Time I Saw Richard
  34. People who live in southern Nigeria and Cameroon
  35. Group of cows or elephants
  36. Amphibious friend
  37. Vassar’s version of pass/fail
  38. Easy as ____

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