The Miscellany Crossword: “Area Codes”


1. Possessive for a specific leftist group

8. Wrongly put into a role

15. An Italian describing their military status

16. “No _______ around!”

17. British surprise

18. 00

19. Not to crochet, not to knit, to…

20. Raison _____

22. They see you when you’re sleeping, they know when you’re awake

25. Superhero accessory

26. This language, abbrv.

28. “You Can Call Me __”

29. Robin Williams’ fire

31. Zero

32. Tropical root

33. “Give it _ ___!”

36. End of Descartes’ famous phrase

37. To poke fun

39. Science’s way

40. Vassar’s barrel

41. Derogatory pirate term

44. 52 Down probably references this to save lives

45. You may have read this kid’s diary

46. Rachel Carson’s nemesis

49. “I don’t ___ _ way out of this”

50. You’re doing it to this newspaper

53. A corpse’s sweet ride

55. Roll tide

57. We need it for student debt

58. Trig function



1. In the morning

2. 12

3. La Brea’s pits

4. Pupil’s buddy

5. 55

6. Again, but fancy

7. Mr. Blue

9. Poem by Rudyard Kipling

10. The uvula’s base

11. Minor

12. Sheltered from the wind

13. “Sprechen ___ Deutsch?”

14. State of the “____ Valley Authority,” abbrv.

20. Two

21. Video game company

22. Flanders of “The Simpsons”

23. Don’t deny it, it’s in your nose

24. Contents of “un lago” or “el mar”

27. Carbon is 12.011

30. Feminists’ fuel

34. Use this to resist the autumn!

35. River of Flanders, Belgium (not of “The Simpsons”)

38. Did it come first?

42. Inflated 2009 animated movie

43. “Hold __ beer”

45. To gradually withdraw

46. As a prefix of “gate,” making someone else do it

47. The count, familiarly

48. The ire of seventh-grade band

49. Academic period

50. “Faux ___”

51. Saint Didacus flys

52. CRC dispatches them

53. “__! Got you again!”

54. Cetera’s predecessor

56. The crux of a simile

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