The Miscellany Crossword: “Go Touch Some Grass”

This crossword will send you on an adventure—for clues in bold, go out and walk around campus to find the answers. There are only four of these interactive clues, but don’t let that stop you from wandering around for as long as you want. Take a break from your busy day to enjoy our little Vassar bubble!


1. Code made of A, G, C and T

4. A bowl of cherries that can give you lemons? 8. The giraffe from Madagascar

11. Stuck

14. Opera solos

15. Badu and others

16. Explore Joss Beach! While you admire the little sculptures and stacks of rocks, look for a stone plaque with this inscription beneath an oak.

19. __ Leonard, sheet music publishing company

22. Fond du __, WI

23. Reprimanding utterance

25. A way to mark an email

27. Partner of honey in a nature valley bar

30. Improv rule number one

32. Capital of Vietnam

33. A variety of guy, of which there are now famously only three.

36. A clock sound in a Kesha song

37. Aids and ___

39. A first name and last initial from a song

42. A bench on the Priscilla Bullitt Collins trail has one of these creatures drawn on it, and it is indicated by the artist that she is a lesbian. While you’re there take a second to admire the rest of this iconic Vassar landmark.

43. Cities like the one in The Taming of the Shrew 46. Union for film and TV performers (abbr.)

49. A magic number

50. Curved line

51. Small dog sound

54. 100 year old

58. Asylum seeker

60. Vintage video game maker

61. Micronesia has four of them

62. Pilfered

63. This year’s goes from Feb. 22 to Apr. 6

64. Travel in this direction to get from the Deece to Swift.


1. Pachelbel has a canon in this key

2. Poet Pablo

3. “I was in the shower,” “I was at work,” etc.

4. Take this train line when traveling east out of NYC

5. When you’re waiting for a package, you wonder if it’s __ __

6. Counterfeits

7. Constitutional change almost ratified in the ’70s (abbr.)

9. Stroll over to Sunset Lake. Look for turtles and see if you can spot the heron who lives near the patch of tall grass on the far side (there may or may not be some drama going on between her and the geese…). Once you get to the other side, find the last bench, closest to the waterfall. It’s dedicated to this woman, Vassar class of ’31. Now walk up Sunset hill and look at the view!

10. A non-verbal lang.

12. Murmur of uncertainty

13. They allow only 3.4 oz liquids

15. And so on

17. Subjects beside math in many state K-12 curricula (abbr.)

18. A handful of


20. Corneal surgery

24. Camping chain

26. Reactions to a centipede

28. One can live in a farm or a hill

29. Also

31. A baked dessert made of the red-haired friend from Austin and Ally?

32. Take into consideration

33. A brown striped cat

34. A baseball stat

35. Second person possessive adjective for a pirate

38. In football, often accompanied by silly dances (abbr.)

40. Armitage of Young Sheldon

41. Some of Shakespeare’s plays originally appeared in this format

44. Default Google Doc fonts

45. “Red” anti-Communist periods

47. Not obtuse

48. Against (Germ.)

49. Suffix for meteor or Trotsky

52. They want your taxes

53. Dog, cat, etc.

55. Egg holder

56. @!!

57. Another clue for the Priscilla Bullitt Collins Trail! There are this many weeping wil- lows on the trail. While you count them, enjoy listening to the water!

59. Cookware brand T-__

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