A Mother’s Prayer

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Surprisingly, basic training was not as physically demanding as I had anticipated. It did, however, challenge me mentally. 10 weeks of being unable to physically talk to my support system were tough. My favorite time of day was when the mail would come, and I would hope to get a care package or even just a letter from anyone. One evening my mom sent a Bible with my name engraved and a sweet prayer. It read: 




There’s never a teardrop that God doesn’t see. 

He knows when a sparrow falls from a tree.

There’s never a moment when God doesn’t care.

Never a time when He won’t hear our prayer.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

Each day is an opportunity to create a positive change in your life.

The struggle you’re in TODAY is developing the strength you need for TOMORROW.  

Don’t give up, because every experience God gives us is the perfect preparation for the future only, He can see.

Your problems are not bigger than GOD is, and this is simply a test to set up your testimony.

I have been there with you, my love, and that’s why I can tell you that this is temporary, and you will look back in awe of how well He brought you through it.

Thank him in the midst, and all will be well.





Personally, I started looking forward to Sundays because that meant you could go to church and feel like a real person for a few hours. While I grew up in the Bible belt, I was not a regular at church. I believed in a higher power but was always a little skeptical. During basic, I grew closer to God in a way I never expected, and it helped my darkest days. Sometimes I still struggle with the ideas of Christianity, but I still read this prayer and remember the state of mind that I had and how far I have come. 


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