A thank you from VVA

The Vassar Veterans Association would like to take this opportunity to thank The Miscellany News and its dedicated staff to its continued commitment to Veterans’ Voices. This is the fourth issue in which Vassar’s Veteran students are showcased through their stories and insights towards military experiences. I’m especially grateful to be able to partner with the paper as a Vassar veteran and previous Humor Editor Francisco Andrade ’22, who started this collaboration during his sophomore year and while he has graduated, we have managed to continue his legacy. I’d like to thank Colleen Mallet, the new director of the Vassar Veterans Initiative. Colleen has worked tirelessly to support the veterans of this campus, first as the registrar and now as our new director. She has been an amazing supporter of our community and has ensured that her door remains open whenever one of us is in need. The VVA would love to give a shout out to the dedicated mentors on Vassar’s campus with a special mention to Professor Drew Minter who has taken on the mentorship of two classes of Vassar Veterans. I’d like to lend support to Professor Del Razo and Professor Jenny Magnes as exemplary veteran professors and mentors. Finally, I think that it is important to acknowledge that while the veteran students get plenty of acknowledgement this week for Veterans Day, veteran service is not obvious. We don’t have our veteran status tattooed on our foreheads and military service has affected more people than we realize. Some choose to talk about service while others don’t. There is no right way to be a veteran—you simply are. This year I hope that we can all look to our communities and provide the support and comradery that our peers and loved ones need. To the Vassar community, thank you for another great year.


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