Good Enough

Switching from the military to college was honestly really easy. People assume that once you’re out, things are hard, and in some respects maybe they’re right. But that military mindset isn’t always bad. There is A LOT of annoying bullshit that you have to deal with in any branch, but that bad taste in your mouth doesn’t last forever. Lectures are really just long briefs that actually have substance for what you want to do or rather like to do and help further your education, outside of putting together a rifle or running really fast. Don’t get me wrong, when I began the process of leaving the military, they really put the fear of Christ in you. Options like reserves, trade schools and even reenlistment sounded nice when all you’ve ever known since high school has been the military. But don’t listen to them. It’s not that hard. Maybe it was just me and my mindset, but I was ready to reenlist even when all was said and done, but in the span of two months my friends taught me and guided me more than five months of military “preparation” for the inevitable. I would tell anyone who asks, talk to friends or family, or anyone you know who’s gotten out. They can help you. Without them I would have never known how to properly go about setting up disability claims, or the warrior scholarship program, hell even POSSE was foreign to me until a year ago. Networking. 

To finish this out I’ll be the one to tell you:

School isn’t fun. The experiences and people you meet are what make school better than it is. Just keep your eye on the ball and enjoy not being screamed at for not waking up at 4 a.m. for a 5 a.m. formation. Enjoy drinking, eating and experiencing adventures with your friends that the military kept you from. Enjoy life as you finally work towards something that’s just for you. Honestly, just enjoy life. But for real though, go to class. 


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