The Miscellany Crossword: “New York City’s Most”


1. Rural’s antithesis

6. Microwave or refrigerator, abbrv.

10. The second largest string instrument

11. Nickname

13. Treatment for Parkinson’s

14. School for Witchcraft and Wizardry

17. Ones hair, colloquially

18. Listlessness

19. Nukes

22. Those who make glorifying poems

24. Not that much

25. Pesky insect

26. Apple is on its 16th

27. Band of “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” and “Losing my Religion” fame

28. Governmental mortgage insurer

30. Uranium is pretty ___

32. Mr. Rogers’ first name, or one of the Mystery Gang

34. Tech company, formerly a key employer of the Poughkeepsie area

35. Texter’s goodbye

37. Wildebeest

38. Wade’s opposition

39. Verb ending for the brits

40. __ Penney

42. Eye sore

44. A small amount

45. New York’s Finest

47. You tie it to get married

48. Commotion

49. A degree you need to defend

51. Ant colonies construct them

54. Famous Wordle starter

56. Alpha Centauri, to a snake

57. Possessing an attitude of sarcasm

58. Prozac, for example, abbrv.

59. To shake one’s booty, in Paris


1. Second largest California university

2. The most common star in the Milky Way

3. New York’s Richest

4. Swiss Peak

5. Their transcript had Bs, Cs, and Ds but…

6. Sigh of relief

7. Palestinian nationalist political party

8. New York’s Most Annoying

9. Recalled fatal outdoor toy

12. New York’s Strongest

15. Largest country in the world, by land mass

16. First communist to defy the Soviets

20. We live in three of them

21. The end of this crossword’s title

23. President’s Protection

25. Board or video

28. New York’s Bravest

29. “Game of Thrones’” network

31. Overused Young Adult novel theme

33. Vassar’s County, archaic spelling of 50 Down’s counterpart

36. Some vegans can’t wear them

40. __ Morgan

41. McCarthy’s chief counsel

43. They’re what makes dough rise

44. Texter’s affirmation of understanding

46. Parking ___

50. Prestigious NC University, 33 Down’s counterpart

52. Pitch

53. ___ Lanka

54. Under your left pinky, ring finger and middle finger in proper typing form

55. It comes in a double helix

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