Day: December 7, 2022

VSA, WSC petition against mandatory room and board costs

By Charlotte Robertson – 1 year ago

On Sunday, Nov. 13, the Vassar Student Association (VSA) presented a statement on the imposition of mandatory costs for intersession room and board, recognizing that the minimum $5/day fee disproportionately…


By – 1 year ago

Aries Sometimes it feels like everything is falling apart. There’s drama all around, whether we are involved or not. In these times, it can be nice to find the humor…

Holiday shopping for the terminally clueless

By Alyssa Willeford – 1 year ago

Well, it’s that time of year again. Do you celebrate one of the Unspecified Wintry Holidays™? Does said holiday happen to involve gift-giving? If so, you’ll currently be plunging into…