The Miscellany Crossword: “Clued In”


1. Government testing site for air and water quality (two words)

7. Wait

11. Banking family of Florence, Italy

12. Relating to legal punishment

13. These academics tend to prune when left out (two words)

17. It’s where you sign (two words)

18. Pig’s digs

21. ___-picks, plural

22. Multidisciplinary major

23. Fibber’s confession (two words)

25. Necessity

27. A kind of toy car

29. Businessman the color of money (two words)

32. __izon, 5G built right

33. Color for a folder and capital of the Philippines

34. Jim Henson’s street

36. “dw ___ it”

37. Femme fatale in cardinal colors (two words)

41. Unofficial abbreviation of UAE currency

42. President Abraham, familiarly

43. ___ ___ Janeiro (two words)

44. U.S. Flyers in WWII

47. “I’m all ___”

49. “My bad!” abbrv.

50. Abbrv.

53. Military man you’d find on a sandwich (two words)

58. Not to be missed

59. Piece with pips

60. Exclamation when you’re so sure you’ll put money on it

61. San ____, a district of San Diego


1. Ruler of ancient Rome, abbrv.

2. Between meters and second

3. French goodbye, poorly spelled

4. Bai__f, court police officer

5. Made a perfect score

6. Plains mammal once driven to near extinction

7. They’re in concert at 12:30 and 5:00 every day

8. Arctic native

9. Condemns to eternal suffering

10. “Do it! Or ____!”

12. Mail order, abbrv.

14. “Float like a butterfly, ___ like a bee”

15. Aquatic mammal known to induce cuteness overload

16. Watch again

18. ____ Liag, second highest sea cliff in Ireland

19. Contractive denial

20. It’s abominable

23. Admission of anger

24. Del Monte, on the trading floor

26. Family tree member, abbrv.

27. Cure

28. Island home of the Minotaur

30. 19th-century form of trans-continental transit

31. Close to

32. Bravery, or a Pokémon Go team if you’re still into that

35. Hindu honorifics

38. Net for ore filtering

39. Of a similar speed to the Global Kitchen line

40. “Get outta here!”

44. The project of the Manhattan Project

45. “Once in _ ___ moon”

46. Jack ____

48. What you really ought to do right now

50. Berry in smoothies

51. Tolkien tree giant

52. “Those,” in Tijuana

54. I didn’t need to hear that

55. Abet’s partner

56. Chill time, abbrv.

57. Scooby-___

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