Day: December 7, 2022


By – 1 year ago

She swings above, from bough to bough, And sweetly sings, “The end is now!”   – Anna Kozloski

Don’t downplay your heavy workload

By Britt Andrade – 1 year ago

As another finals season looms over the Vassar campus, I find myself thinking about the pressures existing in the dorms and study spaces of our community. We hear a lot…

Where does religion fit for students at Vassar?

By Emma daRosa – 1 year ago

Vassar is known for its small population of forward-thinking, curious, academically driven students. This population is, in many ways, a paragon of small liberal arts colleges. There are many qualities…

Trends in anti-transgender sentiments have severe consequences

By Miller Dauk – 1 year ago

The last decade has proven to be a complex time for the transgender community. Transgender and nonbinary people are becoming increasingly visible, yet vulnerable; socially acceptable, yet legally suppressed; outspoken,…

Bringing human rights into focus at the World Cup

By Jacques Abou-Rizk – 1 year ago

Every four years, the world is united for the only global fútbol tournament: the FIFA World Cup. As with every other aspect of life, the pandemic and rising political instability…

The Miscellany Crossword: “Clued In”

By Harrison Walker – 1 year ago

Across 1. Government testing site for air and water quality (two words) 7. Wait 11. Banking family of Florence, Italy 12. Relating to legal punishment 13. These academics tend to…