The Miscellany Crossword: “Go With the Flow”


1. Environmental wonder or environmental menace, depending on the usage

6. “__ ___, so good.” 

11. Ex-Yankee Martinez

12. Italian River that Caesar famously crossed, making it used as an idiom for “going too far” 

14. Really upset

15. Western border of southern California that passes through the Hoover Dam, forming Lake Mead

16. Here and there, in footnotes

18. freshwater endpoint or stopover for a river

19. Fifth Edition D&D feature offered at levels 4, 8, 12, 16 and 19 for most classes

20. “Full steam ____!”

22. The border between the living and the dead

25. Himalayan or Appalachian, abbrv. 

26. Many rulers of Russia, Nicholas II for example

27. A river’s bottom

28. “!eip __ ysaE”

30. Support group for those with drinking problems

31. Creators of “You’ve Got Mail”

32. Annoy


35. Committee of Soccer Moms and Lawnmower Parents, abbrv.

36. Precedes “F” to make a versatile file

38. Vassar’s response to Yale in November of 1967

39. Vassar’s “campus-wide initiative dedicated to building communities of belonging, inclusion, and equity at the college.”

40. “’Tis but a ____ wound.”

43. Entertainment Org. behind “Raw” and “SmackDown!”

46. Africa’s most famous floodplain

48. Vowels

49. Stephen of “The Crying Game” and “Breakfast on Pluto”

50. First Lady before Michelle

52. Improvises

54. Rivers from the heart

57. The Union of the Hammer and Sickle, missing an “i”

58. The border between Boston and Cambridge, MA

60. Frankfurt’s RIver

61. A bottomless pit of gloom and despair (as mythologized at least)

62. They decide what goes where in a city




1. Someone will generally propose this at a wedding reception (2 words)

2. Mark Twain’s meandering muse

3. They preface “-logy,” “-lyze,” and “-gram”

4. The signs on page 11

5. Dreaded Knights of “Monty Python and The Holy Grail” use this utterance to scare travelers

6. Pout, or be bad tempered

7. Double-reeded woodwinds

8. Often promised to witches

9. Obamacare legislation abbrv.

10. Serling of “The Twilight Zone”

12. As opposed to streets, lanes, drives or avenues

13. Number, abbrv.

14. Unwanted calls or emails

15. Red Cross founder Barton

17. Frequency unit, abbrv. 

21. Aircraft enthusiast org

23. This colorful body of water is the second longest of its kind in China

24. Dying of Laughter, to a texter

29. Class of large and heavy long-ranged military weapons

31. Gold, to a chemist

33. With ba and akh, comprises the essentials of a human soul in ancient egyptian religion

36. Statements submitted as “Guilty” or “Not guilty”

37. As an acronym, some of 39A’s core goals

39. Turns nouns into adjectives

40. Price for a bus or train

41. “__ _ wise guy, eh?” (2 words)

42. ____ River School, a mid-19th century art movement, 45D’s counterpart

44. SI units for magnetic flux

45. O’Keeffe painted this river more than a dozen times (and the Loeb has #3!), 42D’s counterpart

47. Between Marquesses and Viscounts

51. 180 degree turns

53. A vein of metal ore

54. Vassar dorms don’t have it, making August quite difficult

55. British earbud producer

56. The key above caps lock

59. Your location when it doesn’t seem like Kansas anymore



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