The Miscellany Crossword: “A Game Where…”


4. Flexibility and endurance are key

5. A spaceship battles alien hoards

7. You play as the Ashen One (and die a lot)

9. You figure out whodunit

11. You can build anything (as long as it’s cube-shaped)

12. You eat pellets and run from ghosts

15. Link saves the land of Hyrule

16. Lara Croft looks for artifacts

18. Capitalism rules all and ruins your friendships

19. Disobeying traffic laws is the least of your problems

20. Unlike this crossword, you get to come up with the words



1. In trying to destroy your friends, you might destroy the tower

2. Playing it is both entertainment and training for college-packing

3. Numbers and letters mean life or death (more likely, sink or float)

5. The dragonborn kills the dragon

6. You might get arrested for trespassing, but at least you caught an eevee

8. You have to save the princess from the dinosaur (and eat mushrooms for strength!)

10. You ignore reality to focus on virtual reality

13. Despite its name, the pieces are not sweet, but in fact taste like plastic

14. You trade resources to outbuild your opponents

17. A gorilla throws barrels at you

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