Weathering the seasonal changes with quality movies (part one)

Richard Lu/The Miscellany News.

The 2022 to 2023 school year comes with several unique weather phenomena in its short five months. However, nothing compares to the frigid winds and soul-crushing cold on Feb. 4, 2023. Temperatures teetered around 15 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the entire day and dipped into the negatives during the night. Knowing the direness of the situation, most students chose to remain indoors and in the comfort of their own beds. To pass the time while stuck inside, I rewatched some of my favorite movies. In the spirit of sheltering from the cold, here are some cool movies to check out. Spoilers ahead!

  1. Frozen” (2013)

Starting off this list is an all-time favorite Disney movie: “Frozen.” We enter the fantasy world of Arendelle and follow the stories of two sisters, Anna and Elsa, as they come face to face with their innermost demons and stark differences. Anna, a naive princess, is in pursuit of love and meaning in life. In contrast, Elsa, who has had magical powers since birth, has lived in fear her entire life and has to conceal her true self from her subjects, all while taking on the large responsibility of becoming queen one day. When she can’t conceal herself any longer, she runs away from her duties. Anna, who loves Elsa dearly, goes on an adventure to save her sister from her own self. “Frozen” played a large role in my childhood. Whenever I went over to my aunt’s home, the TV would always have the movie on replay, so the scenes are ingrained in my mind. The movie flawlessly tackles themes such as self-discovery, loss, betrayal, young love and sisterhood. “Frozen” is a simple yet beautiful tale about learning to accept yourself and living your truth. It’s especially pertinent to Vassar students striving to find their own sense of self every day. “Frozen” may be a children’s film, but it’s one of the most memorable ones. If you’re looking for a light-hearted, comedic, rich story, this is the movie for you! 

  1. Snowpiercer” (2013)

Next is the post-apocalyptic sci-fi action film, “Snowpiercer,” directed by Bong Joon-ho. Best known for his Oscar-winning movie “Parasite” (2019), Bong is a gifted filmmaker whose talent is also reflected in “Snowpiercer.” The movie takes place in a dystopian future where humanity has to take refuge in a train stuck on an infinite loop around the ice-barren Earth after a failed climate change experiment. We follow Curtis and his group of survivors as they attempt to take over the train from the corrupt upper classes in the train cars up ahead. The film a commentary on the harsh realities of class division and the misery that is brought upon humanity when those in power have free reign to do whatever they please. This theme of privilege is explored in the isolated setting of several train cars. The movie also forces the viewer to ask themselves morally challenging questions such as how does one decide who lives and who dies? “Snowpiercer” does a fantastic job of bringing an obscure idea for a movie to life. If you fancy a darker movie with much more serious themes, then “Snowpiercer” is just the one to watch!

  1. Togo” (2019)

Up next is a movie for all the dog lovers reading this: “Togo.” As someone who really loves animals, this film holds a very special place in my heart. The movie takes place in the Alaskan tundra during the diphtheria epidemic of 1925. We get a glimpse into the life of sled-dog musher Leonhard Seppala and his unique bond with his Siberian husky, Togo. First, we see the upbringing of Togo as a fragile puppy and the love-hate relationship between him and Seppala. Then 13 years later, Togo and Seppala are challenged to deliver a crate of medicine to a small town in Alaska in the serum run of 1925. It’s a heroic story about determination, triumph and defying expectations. Since “Togo” is based on real events from nearly 100 years ago, these themes are even more powerful. While watching the movie, I couldn’t help but pray for Togo and Seppala’s success as they went on their perilous adventure. I recall watching the movie on a cold December night two years ago during lockdowns and holding my breath every step of the journey. “Togo” succeeds at pulling at the heartstrings of all viewers, regardless of age or background. If you have a dog, then this movie is perfect for you and your companion. If not, then this movie will make you want a dog even more! 


These are just some of the amazing movies that exist out there. There are many more movies that have yet to be discovered by you. Use these suggestions to expand your own catalog of movies and defrost your desire to watch films!

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