The Miscellany Crossword: “Willpower and Wordplay”

1. Appropriate rhyme for snips
6. Show a feeling
11. Blood pumping organ
12. Purplish-pink, or Riff-Raff’s counterpart in “Rocky Horror Picture Show”
15. Those who violate the 10 commandments, e.g.
17. Rainwater container
18. Letters before a British ship name
19. Touched lightly
21. “Awe, _____”
22. Cusco was the capital of this empire
24. Thin metal string
25. Act in accordance (with)
27. Possibly
29. Blends up
30. Compose some letters?
31. “World of Warcraft” spellcasters
32. However, Ital.
33. Water, Sp.
34. Serious in manner
35. Say again
39. A little messy, as a dorm room might be
41. Vassar and McConaughey, for two
42. Tattletales
43. Baby hosp. wing
44. Greek God of love
45. “_____ had enough!”
46. _____-_____ Nouveau (rebirth of the Modern Style)
48. Mining find
49. Source of a skincare essential oil
52. Catches
54. _____ Park (New Jersey or Chicago Suburb)
55. John of “Tiny Dancer”
56. Bono who was once married to Cher
57. Instagram’s TikTok dupe

1. Smoke exhaler
2. Camera protector
3. Actor McKellen of “Lord of the Rings”
4. Get ready (for), for short
5. Red fruit
6. Event hype-person
7. Housekeeper
8. First ones, abbr.
9. Vietnamese Spring holiday
10. NOT friends
13. Barter
14. Hathaway and Of Green Gables, for two
15. Switch from drive to reverse
16. Geronimo ______ (Mouse detective)
20. Attempt
23. Not contaminated
25. Month before September
26. Inhale or exhale
28. They might grow an Apple tree?
29. Piano player’s assistant
31. Shaken instruments
34. Smaller rivers
36. Kind of hairspray
37. What Mr. Swanson and Mr. Weasley constitute?
38. German city in the Ruhr Valley
39. Come together
40. Belly button
41. Drink flavoring brand
43. Full of requests
46. Bright (as a color)
47. Story that might be tall
50. One more than one
51. What Mr. Weasley or Mr. Swanson alone might constitute?
53. Co. that merged into Verizon

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