The Love Queen: Ghosting and kinks and bad dates, oh my!

Nina Ajemian/The Miscellany News.

I recently went on a first date with someone and we ended up hooking up later that night. I wasn’t that into him, yet I slept with him regardless—a girl has needs after all ;) But now he keeps asking me to hang out again, and I really do not want to. How do I ghost him in a way that doesn’t hurt his feelings or make me a bitch?

Hey, queen! Don’t worry, I feel you. We all get the ick sometimes. The sex was probably more amazing for him than it was for you, so it’s understandable why he’s falling head over heels while you’re running in the other direction. But I’m not here to judge. I’m on your side—the Love Queen is here to help :)

Here is my ghosting strategy: If you have been Snapping, start Snapping less frequently—ideally two to three times per day. Seem as uninterested as possible. Stop responding with your hot-ass selfies—instead, send one of those cut-off shoulder pics, or a blurry background or pics of the people you’re hanging out with so they get the hint that you have a life. If they keep bugging you, just leave them on read/opened. Or channel your inner fuckboy and respond with one word answers: “k,” “yeah,” “cool.” In the end, if they keep trying, unadd them! Block them on literally every single social media so they have no way of contacting you and asking, “Why did you remove me on Snapchat? Did I do something wrong?” or, “Why, when I pass you in the Deece, do you sprint in the opposite direction?”

But there is a more direct way if you’re looking to expedite the process. You could be a classy bitch instead and respond, “Hey, look, I know we had a nice date and ended up hooking up, but I actually didn’t feel a spark between us, and I’m not really interested in pursuing things any further. You’re a nice guy and I hope you find what you’re looking for, but it’s not going to be me.” Feel free to use that word-for-word (we all plagiarize in desperation sometimes). Good luck, bestie! 

P.S. Take this situation as a lesson to maybe not hook up with someone after a bad date.


I found out my boyfriend has a weird kink that I don’t like. What do I do? 

Hey, queen! We all have our kinks ;) Mine, personally, is being peed on. I’m kidding, of course. That was a “You” reference—have you seen the new season? But anyway, I’m not here to kink-shame. However, that does not mean that you have to engage in someone else’s kink if it makes you uncomfortable. First, you need to evaluate if this kink is a deal-breaker for you. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t. Being an animal in bed? Yes, please. Bestiality? Hope not! But whatever gets your Rice Purity score lower. All jokes aside, you should probably have a conversation with your partner in which you ask about the kink, why they like it and whether you can compromise or modify it in some way so that you’re more comfortable with it. Good luck, bestie!

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