The Miscellany Crossword: “This Is A Good One”


1. Most common bird

6. Cry of joy 

11. Springtime sound 

12. Famous song lyric beginning with “when”

14. Members of parliament 

15. Pie ingredient 

17. Sam with a firetruck 

18. Never have I ever, among others 

20. Heart emojis 

21. Horrible feeling 

23. European dish 

24. Conjunction connecting one to another 

25. Say, maybe 

27. Edible rock 

28. _____ dog 

29. Opposite of hat? 

31. Blander 

34. “What’s up?”

35. Some horseback riders 

36. Nike, so to speak 

37. Ovoid 

40. Age well 

41. Sink, or fly or climb 

43. Fiery looks 

46. Dash (away) 

48. Styrofoam 

49. Thinks highly of 

50. One born in their residence 

51. Type of flop 

52. Prayers 

53. Hunger, or pain 

54. Fill a hole, say 

56. Is nosy 

59. Mount Sinai or Mount Everest 

63. Thing that can land anywhere 

64. Smith of NASA 

65. Desk item of days past 

66. Italian capital city



1. Hall-of-Famer Ben 

2. It could be awesome or awful 

3. Toys for everyone 

4. Bleeding 

5. Land of the four seas 

6. “Excuse me!”

7. Slink away 

8. Failed neuroscience student? 

9. Annie and Jenny, e.g. 

10. Giggle 

11. Not do anything in particular 

13. Church architectural feature 

14. Hit it off 

16. Everyday’s jump? 

19. Motor oil additive brand 

22. Happiest animal 

25. Freedom 

26. Dog in a comic strip 

28. Neighbor of your neighbor 

30. Tricks 

32. Some somber music 

33. Album of the year

37. What I am, but you are not? 

38. Perfect 

39. Ancient grease? 

40. Third place 

42. Awake at dawn, per se 

43. Several 

44. Ranch dressing vessel 

45. Official currency of many countries 

47. Geograaphic feature 

50. What you are, but I will never be? 

55. Signs, to an illiterate person 

57. Brought back 

58. “_____ never!”

60. Easier 

61. Celibate 

62. Fries in oil

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