The Miscellany Crossword: “Did the Joke Land?”


1. Movie which won Best Original Song for its “Naatu Naatu”

4. Jansen of elementary school novels 

7. “Man” who runs from ghosts in a maze 

10. Belonging to that guy 

13. Take to court 

14. Grp. for lawyers 

15. Gene messenger 

16. Number less than two 

17. MTV yearly honor 

18. Type of arts including Taekwondo 

20. Purpose 

21. Undercover cop 

24. Most common English conjunction 

25. Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby 

27. California mega-tree 

31. Messes up, as ink 

33. Genre for My Chemical Romance or Fallout Boy 

34. Baby louse 

36. “OK, I’ve had it!”

37. Bugs 

39. Government grp. protecting the Earth 

41. Boston sports radio 

42. Pertaining to a Sicilian volcano 

45. _____-Mo 

47. Year after Jr. 

48. Tired, perhaps by a long journey 

50 .Actress Bening 

53. Robo-caller 

55. Logan International Airport, on a departure chart 

56. What a 21A might wear to the airport? 

60. College, to a Brit 

62. Chadwick of Black Panther 

63. Fitting 

65. _____-eds (what we don’t have at Vassar) 

66. Baton Rouge sch. 

67. “Twilight” Volturi leader 

68. Uncle, in Oaxaca 

69. Big pig 

70. “Yikes!”

71. OpenOffice file type 

72. Cash dispenser 


1. Cold-like sickness, for short 

2. Behind 

3. Not fake 

4. El _____ (“Breaking Bad” movie) 

5. Leave behind 

6. Jacobs of fashion 

7. Previous criminal convictions 

8. European beauty brand 

9. Seventh vice president 

10. They might require an extra set of clean towels 

11. Opposite of outs 

12. Take a look 

19. “No Scrubs” band 

22. Sound of adoration 

23. Donate 

26. Interim royalty 

27. Novel, again 

28. App for communicating with prisoners 

29. Canine crime 

30. Cease to live 

32. Middle-earth region 

35. Pranks with two-ply 

38. Intermediate ecological stage 

40. _____ mode (pie option) 

43. Able to be directed 

44. Western Pennsylvania slang for a snoop 

46. Orient, as a boss to a new hire 

49. Makes fancier 

51. Double negative 

52. YTA or NTA alternative 

54. Cancer-causing substance, for short 

57. “HAHAHAHA!!!”

58. I could _____ horse! 

59. Saliva 

60. Sound of annoyance 

62. The One, in “The Matrix” 

64. Male cat

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