The Miscellany Crossword: “Happy spring!”


1. Olivia Gross is its recently elected president (abbr.) 

4. As of now, for short 

7. Removes sharp teeth 

14. Gerund suffix 

15. “Busy” buzzer 

16. Where you’re not supposed to stick a Q-Tip 

17. “The Tempest” island inhabitant 

19. Keep going 

20. Namesakes of phenomena, perhaps 

21. Finish 

22. Chow down 

23. Stitches 

24. Provides a John Hancock, maybe 

26. NYC time zone from Nov. to March 

27. Broadcast commercial

28. Fast fashion brand owned by Boohoo, for short 

29. Hospital wings where no appointment is necessary 

32. Looks subtly 

33. Take over 

36. Tire (out) 

38. Maine national park 

39. Feverish and shivering fits 

40. It might be said before a meal 

43. Secret agent 

44. Sign after Cancer 

45. Jane Austen novel named for its protagonist 

46. Messages or Spotify, e.g. 

47. Agreed to attend (or didn’t), for short 

48. Brother of Thor 

52. On-the-go medical pro 

53. Automated personified software 

54. “Lord of the Rings” sharpshooter 

56. 3D museum exhibit 

58. “Let’s do this!”

59. Circus flipper, or Adobe software 

60. Date-like fruit 

61. Italian diminutive suffix 

62. Illness 

63. Not no 

64. Regina Spektor song with opening line: “It’s like forgetting the words to your favorite song”



1. Guilty pleasures 

2. Hogwarts potioneer 

3. Positively radiant 

4. “Dear” advice columnist 

5. Labor union member 

6. Thoughtful 

7. Relies on 

8. Works for, as an income 

9. “Flintstones” father 

10. Sounds of relaxation 

11. Small nostril jewelry pieces 

12. Brag and rub it in

13. Completed, as a rock climbing challenge

18.  _____ and outs 

25. Eel-like fish 

26. Anna’s sister 

28. Color that sounds grosser than it looks? 

29. “When will you be here?”

30. Snug as a bug in a _____ 

31. Michaelangelo and Rodin, e.g. 

32. Mexican currency 

34. Gravestone letters 

35. What to do at a cashier 

37. Hold on to 

38. _____ Française (French language council) 

40. Grow in the womb 

41. Massachusetts license distributor (abbr.) 

42. Make louder 

46. Italian buddies 

47. Some tomatoes 

48. “I’m giggling rn”

49. Skate trick 

50. Senator Tim of Virginia 

51. Playground retort 

52. Age, in Argentina 

53. Baby’s drinking vessel of choice 

55. Retches 

57. Wade’s counterpart

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