The Miscellany Crossword: Misc Minis

Misc Mini 1



1. Mai _____, rum cocktail 

4. Heart-to-hearts 

6. Ponyboy and Danny Zuko, e.g. 

8. Vassar office for disability aid 

9. When repeated, fashion brand bringing back ballet flats 

10. Reaching in an arc 

12. Teva shoe alternative 

13. Word that the “C” in ICUP represents 



1. Soulmates 

2. Org. for a tow 

3. “That’s not yours!”

4. Small river 

5. French river 

6. Talk endlessly 

7. Floor cover 

11. Dennis’s twin in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”


Misc Mini 2



1. Commercials 

4. Where to slip a letter 

5. In all its former _____ 

6. Light red 

7. Primate 



1. Solo 

2. Loser 

3. Pig’s place 

4. Appropriate rhyme for “trip”

5. Scale where 4.0 is the goal (abbr.)


Misc Mini 3



1. London apartment 

5. “_____ you” (statement of debt) 

6. Nike, Goldfish or Kleenex 

8. Aeneas’s tragic lover 

9. Craft-selling website 



1. Lie 

2. “Liability” and “Green Light” singer 

3. Anticipate 

4. Takes care of (with “to”) 

7. I give, in Spanish

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