Meet the bands at Misc Music Festival 2023

Sandro Lorenzo/The Miscellany News.

In celebration of the last day of classes this spring, The Miscellany News will be hosting its annual Misc Music Fest on Tuesday, May 22 from 5 to 10 p.m. The festival, which will be held on the Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film (CDF) Quad, features a lineup of eight student bands and artists: SHOWFACE, Alouette Batteau, Brook the Band, Clementoon, Fowlmouth, Gauss, Arlington Sunset and Bedlam.

The festival is a true showcase of the vast musical talent and passion this campus has to offer. Moreover, it is representative of the breadth in genres students like to play, assuring that there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

This year’s festival is organized by Live Events Chair Catherine Borthwick ’24, with graphics designed by Graphics Editor Sandro Lorenzo ’24 and promotional video content created by Video Production Manager Ian Herz ’23. The festival announcement and lineup were shared on The Miscellany News‘ social media accounts on Tuesday, April 25, a week before the festival.


Continue reading to learn more about the campus bands and artists that will be playing at Misc Music Fest 2023.

Compiled by Ganesh Pillai and Catherine Borthwick.

Ian Herz/The Miscellany News.


Ronan Sidoti ’23 – vox/guitar 

John Frazier ’23 – bass

Alex Koester ’23 – drums

SHOWFACE is an indie punk trio comprised of John Frazier, Alex Ko- ester and Ronan Sidoti. They met at Vassar in 2019 and just released new music. From the cement lairs of basement shows to venues all around NYC, they are known for their harsh sound and electric chemistry, which are on full display at any live show they play. @showfaceband

Image courtesy of Fox ’23.

Alouette Batteau

Alouette Batteau ’23 – vox/guitar

Carly D’ Antonio ’23 – guitar 

Catherine Borthwick ’24– bass

Karun Krishnamurthy ’24 – drums

Alouette Batteau will be bringing a full band to Vassar’s Spring Concert that will ooze queer-pop-punk and in- die-r&b grooves, surfing the spectrum from vampiric liminality to dentist-c-hair dread. Magnetic melodies and cathartic guitar riffs add to the allure of their intelligent and insightful lyrics, creating a full moon force that’s impossible to resist.

Image courtesy of Clay Childress.


Averre Neff  ’24 – vox/guitar

Rivers Liu ’22 – guitar/banjo

Emmett Cashman ’23 – bass

James Mannix ’24 – drums

Clementoon was born in the embers of a Nashville DIY scene, emerging as an alt-country songwriter with a sincerity that transmutes early-20s dismay into gentle sonic bliss. Clementoon sings about everyday questions, pickup trucks and the mysteries of faith.

Image courtesy of Marina Smith-Hanke ’24.


Augustus Tarver ’25 – drums

Roswell Wendel ’24 – bass

Sam Lytel ’24 – vox/guitar

Born from an East-Coast West-Coast collaboration, Gauss marries the rhythm and drums of alternative hip hop with the sound of American and British indie and grunge.

Image courtesy of Leela Khatri ’26.


Denver Brown ’26 – vox/guitar

Duncan Beauchamp ’26 – drums

Walt Schoen ’26 – guitar/vox

Kalina Sloat ’26 – bass

Bedlam was formed in the fall of 2022 by Denver Brown, who reached out to fellow first-years Schoen, Beauchamp and Sloat to cement the band’s current lineup. After their first performance in October 2022, Bedlam began to develop a catalog of original songs. On Tuesday, Bedlam will begin to unveil these original compositions as it establishes a greater presence on campus and beyond.

Image courtesy of Andie Authers ’25.


Julia Maisel-Berick ’24 – vox/guitar/mandolin

Rachel Ostrowski ’24 – vox/guitar

Lauren Pacheco ’24 – vox/guitar

Moms call us the Indigo Girls, friends call us boygenius, we call us fowlmouth. Hear a taste of our Misc Fest set by listening to our debut EP, “Safety Last!”

Image courtesy of Preston Bowe ’24.

Arlington Sunset

Eli Cuomo ’24 – vox/guitar

Jo Shain ’24 – vox/drums

Max Weiner ’23 – vox/bass

Arlington Sunset is a three-piece alternative rock outfit from Poughkeepsie, NY. The band name was inspired by a song from the band “calm,” yet the music they play is anything but. The band consists of Jo Shain on drums and vocals, Eli Cuomo on guitar and vocals and Max Weiner on bass and vocals. With a mix of tasteful covers and even tastier originals, you’ll want to check out what they got.

Image courtesy of Nate Asbury ’23.

Brook the Band

Nate Asbury ’23 – vox/guitar

Ben Holmes ’23 – guitar

James Mannix ’24 – drums

Max Weiner ’23 – bass


Brook T. Band, aged three years and 11 months, will pass on to the next life on Tuesday, preceded in death by sister bands yarn. and Pander. Conceived through Facebook messages between Asbury and Holmes, the Band proudly served as one of the finest acts for students to use as background noise for mid-party makeout sessions. We ask all those in attendance to conduct their moshing and raging in a manner reflective of the respectful and dignified life the band shared with us.

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