The Miscellany Crossword: “Farewell, Thou (Misc Crossword Lover) Art Too Dear”


1. The purrfect pet?  

4. Lawyer org.

7. Staccato drum 

12. “Quiet!”

14. Acne spot 

15. The Lion, not the Witch or the Wardrobe 

16. Row crosser 

17. Tater unit 

18. “_____ deal!“ (Not a problem) 

19. Some TVs 

20. T.S. poet 

22. ER workers 

23. With 35A and 51A, the appropriate first line of a sonnet for this year’s final Miscellany News issue 

28. Real, verified, true 

29. Oh. Em. _____. 

30. “_____!!!” (_____) (_____) (_____)….. 

33. Jan. honoree 

34. Fashion initials 

35. See 23A 

36. Island nation west of Curaçao 

39.  with _____ breath 

40. Singer Del Rey 

41. No _____, ands or buts 

44. Hawai’ian garland

45. Big gulp 

46. Former FCC chairman Ajit _____ 

47. Renter 

51. See 23A 

54. Relaxation spot 

56. Spunk 

57. Notable name 

58. Cosmic retribution

60. Thx antecedent 

61. Not dead 

63. “The _____ near!!” (Doomsday prepper’s slogan) 

64. Small batteries 

65. Roofer, or bathroom DIYer 

66. Kanye, North, Chigao, Saint and Psalm 

67. “Pls forgive”

68. Aliens, for short



1. Swear towards 

2. Visual language 

3. Most common word in the English language 

4. Early Tenochtitlan citizen 

5. Study of life 

6. Once in a while 

7. Mr. Claus 

8. Vassar grp. that presented “Rocky Horror Picture Show” last month 

9. Artist Durer 

10. Precipitate 

11. Many grads of 59D, for short 

12. Tortilla chip dip 

13. Note two octaves above the middle 

21. German auto brand

24. Lower back pain 

25. _____ Land (2017 Best Picture winner…. NOT!) 

26. Kind 

27. Keeps 

31. When repeated, a giggle 

32. The primary written record of our lang. 

36. Disease for which the Ice Bucket Challenge was dedicated to finding a cure 

37. Uncooked 

38. Acrobats’ outfits 

39. Yeasty drink 

41. _____ facto 

42. Social slip-up 

43. Alike

44. 4G _____ (data plan)

48. Some ibuprofens

49. Gullible with youth

50. One who clacks away

52. Gather

53. Like some breakups, or toddlers eating

54. Lean one way

55. Window unit

59. Cambridge STEM school

61. Eated, correctly

62. Awesome, slangily

CORRECTION: The original post was missing “Down” clues 44-62. These clues have since been added.

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